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Sale Sweep: Extra 50% Off The Beaufort Bonnet Company Sale.

GUYS.  If you have minimagpies of your own (or are looking for a great gift for a babe), check out The Beaufort Bonnet Company’s sale section and use code PINKPRICEPARTY to get an extra 50% off!!!  As you know, I’m sorta smitten with their fall collection.  Mini has multiple pairs of their jammies (now marked down from $62 to $25! — and I coordinate with this pair of comfy mama jammies) and one of their adorable bonnets (now marked down from $68 to $27!), and I just ordered this sunsuit for her wardrobe next summer, but it’s now available for only $25 (damn, should have waited).  I went ahead and ordered mini a new bonnet for next summer (this one) and a pair of jammies (technically for boys, but I love that nautical print! — also love these).  I am also considering this sweet smocked dress (such a steal at only $22 now!!!) and I WISH I’d gotten one of these for her Christmas wardrobe before it sold out in her size.

The Fashion Magpie Beaufort Bonnet Company Pajamas

The Fashion Magpie Beaufort Bonnet Company Pajamas


  1. Thank you for the info! Your baby clothing tips are dangerous 🙂 I’m also dying for one of the dresses from the Dondolo sale!

    1. Absolutely!! I can’t help myself 🙂 I’m currently browsing all of the end-of-summer sales to look for pieces for mini’s wardrobe NEXT summer. Such good deals to be had! Tell me what you buy!!

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