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Sale Snacks: Rothy’s Archive Sale.

Rothy’s just launched its first-ever archive sale, and I know many of you — including my mom — absolutely love these machine-washable flats for everyday wear. (My mom advises sizing up if in question/between sizes.) These are such incredible shoes, as they are made from recycled plastic bottles and ultra-chic to boot! They almost look needlepointed. I have never owned a pair and am finding the discount difficult to resist — I especially love the loafer style with the fun sporty racer stripe up the heel in this loud paprika color (seen above). Perfect with white denim and an RL oxford when I want something classic or with these drawstring pants and a white tee for more downtown cool. I’m also in love with these children’s sized loafers — mini is not yet wearing a size 10 (the smallest they have) but I might order for her school wardrobe next year. Too cute with tiny skinny jeans and a cable knit sweater next fall.

I also like the loafer in this fun Moroccan print, the pointed to flat in this gorgeous ikat or this on-trend muted green color (would pair with something like this dress), and this style with the pink bow!

P.S. Dermstore is offering 20% off cosmetics with code GLOWUP — and I have to put in a little plug for Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sensual Skin Enhancer, with code $38. This is an ultra-thick concealer/contour product that I could not have lived without in the year following micro’s birth, when my skin was a riot thanks to hormones and the circles under my eyes were epically dark. This is heavy duty stuff, but it made me feel alive and presentable on countless occasions. I feel like the unarticulated goal in women’s beauty is to look as natural as possible, with minimal makeup — but there are times in life where you need to pull out the big guns. This stuff will have your back.

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  1. I’ve never tried any of the styles from Rothy’s but a couple of friends swear by them! Did you end up ordering the loafers? I think their Mary Janes look so fetching, too!


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