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Sale Snacks: Reformation + Rhode Dresses.

I was surprised to see two labels I love crop up on Outnet over the weekend: Reformation and Rhode. As expected, styles are selling fast. I love this gingham cut-out midi and this fluted linen style from Reformation and this flirty style from Rhode in a fun pink and red print. (This one makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation!)

P.S. Super random, but I have been hair-spraying mini’s hair in the morning because she has really fine hair and I was finding her hair in her eyes constantly, even with clips. I use DryBar’s flexible hold hair spray, which holds nicely but does not leave hair crispy and brittle. (No really – at the end of the day, I can brush her hair without a problem and it’s not like there is a ton of product leftover.) At any rate, I went to re-stock and I discovered it’s 40% off here if you tick the little coupon box (at least as of time of publication today).

P.P.S. Have gotten so many enthusiastic notes from Magpies about this $28 Target dress we all bought!


  1. That reminds me of my grandmother hair spraying my bun before ballet class when I was little. I used to HATE it! I’m guessing the DryBar version feels less aggressive : )

    1. Haha! Yes, DryBar is a lot less aggressive and as a bonus, smells great, too.


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