Sale Snack: Lululemon!

*Image above by Lululemon.

Lululemon basically never runs promotions, especially on their most popular items, but, for the next few days, we’re in luck…now’s the best time to try my beloved Align leggings (like butter! — so happy I had these in the postpartum weeks), my favorite jogging jacket (for cooler weather), and a layering racerback tank I have in multiple colors. This jacket is also crazy cute…

If you’ve never ordered from Lululemon, I would suggest sizing up in most things. I find they run small.

P.S. More exercise gear I love.


  1. Totally agree with air drying! I do this for almost all my Lulu/Athleta/Zella/other activewear items. It has prevented pilling in the fabric.

    I must share that I am absolutely loving my Align jogger crops possibly even more than the leggings! Most days I dislike the tightness/compression of leggings, and I reach for my Align joggers more frequently. I believe they have a 21” inseam so they come down to mid calf for me (I’m 5’0”). They are so soft and comfortable. Plus, they have pockets!!!

    I am also thinking of getting this product called “guppy friend” which is supposed to catch the micro plastic particles from activewear fabric (or other synthetics) so they don’t end up in bodies of water to be ingested by fish. Has anyone in the Magpie community tried this?

    1. OK, I’ve got to get on the air-drying bandwagon then. And thanks for the Align jogger rec!

      I’ve not heard about the Guppyfriend!! Wow!

  2. I used to work at lululemon many moons ago… can confirm that it runs a size small, and that if you air dry it instead of putting it in the dryer, it will last forever. I am still wearing some of the same items I bought 12 years ago and they are going strong.

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