Sale Snack: Grace + James Warehouse Sale.

I came across a wonderful warehouse sale on traditional children’s clothing — everything under $25!

+I literally died over the yellow Easter jon-jon, but it’s already sold out in Hill’s size…sob! Would have loved this for him this Easter.

+I love to layer printed turtlenecks like these and these under Osh Kosh overalls! Easy and classic toddler boy outfit.

+Football jammies for a little one and holiday ones to tuck away for next season, too! Love the colors of both.

+Adorable bubble set for next fall. (Back to school option for a twos program?)

+This toy soldier button-in would be ideal stowed away for next Christmas. Also only $20! I feel like this style is absolutely perfect on a toddler between the ages of 12-24 months.

+Sun Sans for only $20! I buy these for mini every year, often in a few colors.

P.S. I buy mini these Old Navy leggings in white, navy, and pink in multiples every few months. They are only $5 today! Just stocked up on a bunch of white ones for spring to pair with cute tops like this (only $20! — ordered in the pink and blue florals) and this (on sale for $20). Such a cute classic everyday look during the transition from winter to spring with an enormous white bow.

P.P.S. Some of the items for little ones here are still on sale and available!

P.P.P.S. Cute sensory kits for Valentine’s Day still deliverable by Feb 14th! I got mini this small kit, but this construction-themed one is adorable and would be a perfect pairing with these $17 jammies, which I bought Hill. I also got Hill a heart-shaped box of Duplos — he is SO into Duplos right now! And both of them are getting books (roundup of Valentine’s Day books here, with input from my sister, an early childhood literacy expert!)


  1. Love! What everyday pants do you like for Hill? I prefer a more form-fitting pant/legging type for my 17 mo old because he wears a lot of cable kit sweaters and pullovers that can be a bit more oversized. I love the Hanna Anderson leggings but they are out of stock! Also, any toddler boy Valentine’s jammies that have caught your eye? Might go for the truck ones from Gap that you linked!

    1. Hi! I’m so 100% with you on the form-fitting pants. I find a lot of the traditional styles are way too baggy/loose for my tastes. I actually buy a lot of his bottoms at Gap — specifically, these two pairs have been heavy-hitters this winter:

      I like the slimmer cut leg. He also has a few pairs of Osh Kosh overalls that I like because they also aren’t super baggy in the legs:

      They are SO cute over patterned turtlenecks!

      For more casual lounge, I often pair a long-sleeved Lacoste polo or sweater with the boy leggings at Old Navy:

      Sometimes I also find good slimmer cut stuff at Zara but the styles are not usually as “sympathetic” to my more traditional vibe.

      Hope this helps!!!


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