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Sale Snack: Black Friday Shortlist.

An abbreviated ledger of the absolute best Black Friday finds (all of which I have purchased or already own myself):

TUBBY TODD OINTMENT — A must-have for new-moms. Works on everything from diaper rash to eczema to baby acne. 15% off isn’t mind-blowing as far as discounts go, but I’ll take it!

NATORI BRA — $25?!?!? These are the absolute best everyday bra and I’ve written about them a billion times. Have never seen them at such a discount!

NO. 6 CLOG BOOTS — 20% off and my favorite winter boot at the moment. These run narrow, FYI — I sized up to pair with chunky winter socks and am glad I did.


S&L TEAK STEP STOOL — 20% off and free shipping. This is such a chic alternative to your wire frame collapsible style, whether for in the pantry/kitchen or at the sink for little ones. (And if you are about to have a c-section, you will need a step stool to get into bed, so why not have the chicest one on the market?)

TISSUE TURTLENECK — I own this in like 10 colors, including the recently-launched plaid. 50% off!

COCOFLOSS AND KLORANE DRY SHAMPOO — Both 30% off. Weird things to be excited about on Black Friday, but I’ll take a discount on these medicine cabinet staples, which I will happily purchase at full price.

RALPH LAUREN BABY CASHMERE CARDIGAN — 40% off. Yes, 40% off! This is such a splurge but I have purchased a few of these for my children as infants and they are beyond adorable over their holiday looks.

RALPH LAUREN WOMEN’S CASHMERE CREWNECK — Also 40% off!!! Incredible bargain.

OUTDOOR VOICES CLOUDKNIT SWEATS FOR HIM — Mr. Magpie’s favorite, up to 35% off in select colors. Snag a pair to tuck into your man’s stocking.

NIKE REACT INFINITY RUNNING SHOES — My absolute favorite, and gladly purchased at full price, but now available for well under $100 here and here. I also bought this pair of well-reviewed Nikes in the pink color because they are $66 plus an extra 20% off today (!!!!)

MICRO SCOOTERS — 20% off. The best brand for tiny ones; the handle is adjustable to height. We gave mini hers before she even turned two!

MINNOW SWIM — 20% off all suits, and I had to get this one for mini. They also have an unprecedented “super steals” section, where you can get tiny trunks for boys for under $30 as well as rash guards for girls under $35.

PETITE PLUME PAJAMAS — My favorite traditional brand of pajamas for children, on sale for 25% off in the most precious holiday print here.

SEA BEAUX DRESS — What I wore for Thanksgiving, but would also make a festive choice for the holidays. It’s a very light weight material, which proved perfect for the 65 degree temps we had yesterday, but would be dreamy if you live in warm weather year round.

LAKE PAJAMAS — Everyone’s favorite pima cotton jammies.

BOBBI BROWN EXTRA LIP TINT TRIO — $43 for pack of three of these incredibly moisturizing lip tints. Perfect for everyday.

HILL HOUSE NAP DRESS — Join the “Victorian ghost” movement. (I now own five?) These are such comfortable, beautifully-designed pieces to flounce around the house in.

BALA WEIGHTED BANGLES — These consistently sell out. The chicest wrist weights you’ve ever seen. 30% off.

MY CHRISTMAS DRESS — Bought this at a higher price point — shoot! Now 40% off plus an extra 10% off. Also available on super sale in a dramatic top format.

BOLL AND BRANCH WAFFLE BED BLANKET — So soft, so comfortable, so warm. J’adore. 25% off.

HANKY PANKY — 55% off a three-pack! Wow.

P.S. Full rundown of sales for you here and sales for children here.


  1. So many good ones here! I have & love the Bala bangles (and am giving them to a couple of relatives this season!), adooooore that red tartan Nesli Nap Dress (that’s precisely what I’ll be wearing on Boxing Day this year, when we’ll celebrate on Zoom with my family), and am patiently waiting for the tartan turtleneck, which I impulse-ordered a week or so ago while buying glittens for my stepdaughter. Haha!


    1. I think you will love the tartan turtleneck. I have worn it once a week since it arrived. I do have to say I think they changed the fabric they use for their tissue turtlenecks this year — it’s a slightly stiffer/less soft fabric than it used to be. I compare the ones I bought this season from ones in seasons past and it’s noticeable. That said, it does soften up after a couple of washes, so that’s nice.


    2. Thank you for the heads up! I do have a couple of tissue turtlenecks in solid colors from past seasons (a couple from at least 4-5 years ago!) so that’s good to know … I think it makes sense that a printed one would be stiffer, somehow. I’m looking forward to incorporating it into the festive section of my wardrobe! 🙂 xx

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