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What a horrible word, raw.  It almost hurts to read it.

But, my lovelies, I have to share a micro-trend I’ve been flirting with for the past many months: the raw hem jean.  This is where I must warn my sweet mother to stop reading, because I already know how much she despises the distressed denim trend.  I’m sure I’ll look back in a few years and scoff at my holey-jean-wearing-self.  And I apologize to those of you who share her sensibilities.  But GUYS, I like raw hems and I cannot lie:

My top picks for getting the look:

+These Blank Denims ($88).  Have you ever tried their jeans?  I’ve heard a lot of folks love ’em, and I’m into the price point, which is easily $100 less than most of my go-to denim labels.

+Rag + Bones in stark white ($185).  This reminds me that last spring, I wore one of my favorite outfits every — it was just one of those looks that I felt DAMN good in.  I wore these cropped, distressed white skinnies with my favorite pointed toe heel (I own these in like 5 colors, but I was wearing the black suede on this particular day — $245) and a denim OTS top ($31!!!).  I felt like a million buckeroodles.

+High-waisters ($249).  Cool with a black bodysuit underneath ($70) — also check out this turtleneck bodysuit from Madewell ($50)!  Yes, they’re a pain in terms of taking restroom breaks, but you never need to fuss with your shirt hem!  (Also, this ribbed style is sexy in a Cindy Crawford kind of way.)

+The wash on these Paiges ($249) is perfect to me.

All of these would look excellent with a pointed toe pump, a la the Elsies linked above.  I’ve also heard good things about Kate Spade’s licorice pump ($298).  But can I also tell you that I snagged these Sam Edelman Hazel pumps in the “sangria velvet” (now on sale for $95) and that they earned me 1000 compliments and looked SO much higher end than they are?  (See them on Insta here.)  Word to the wise: always opt for a plush fabric like velvet or suede with these less expensive styles.  I think that the patent leather fabrication can look a little cheap for whatever reason.




  1. I have warmed to the raw edge (especially when paired with really feminine heels — one of those odd couple things that just works), but what I can’t handle is the mullet hem (like in photo 2). I just… Why? How? Why?

    I try to be open-minded but a mullet is just always going to be a hard no for me 😉

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