The Fashion Magpie Rattan

Rattan, Wicker, and Organizing Your Skivvies.

Pick No. 1: The Rattan Chest.

In my quest for a desk lamp, I got sidetracked (obviously) and came across this insane vintage rattan cabinet.  Please someone buy it — what a great piece for a lovely and authentic addition to your home for a reasonable price.  I found the snap of the similar style above on Pinterest and thought — how chic!  (I’m pretty sure the one in the picture above is this style from UO, which is also delightful.)  This whole vibe is, of course, reminiscent of ma girl India Hicks, whom I have long been obsessed with…so maybe I should go for this rattan-topped lamp?!  (My favorite dresses are possibly making me lean more boho than I normally go.)

Pick No. 2: The Belt Bag.

OK, speaking of woven straw goodness, I think I have *finally* found a winner for my belt bag search.  I was steeply inclined towards purchasing this style in the white for my hands-free-mom-on-the-go days, but these from new-to-me line Parme Marin have won my heart.  Possibly impractical after October, but…I LOVE!  I dig the brand’s emphasis on sustainability; they explain: “Mindful and conscious practices are at the heart of our company, with an approach based on sourcing natural materials, minimizing waste and creating reusable packaging.”

The Fashion Magpie Parme Marin Fanny Pack 1 The Fashion Magpie Parme Marin Fanny Pack 2 The Fashion Magpie Parme Marin Fanny Pack 3

Pick No. 3: Made by Dawn Swimwear.

Am I late to the game — does everyone know about Made by Dawn?!  I’m in love with their feminine, retro-leaning suits, especially this 1940s pinup style and this St. Tropez bow-shouldered style.

The Fashion Magpie Made by Dawn Swim 1 The Fashion Magpie Made by Dawn Swim 2

Pick No. 4: The Skivvy Organizer.

I had a friend recently email and ask how I keep my unmentionables organized.  (She knows I’m an org freak.)  I use a divided organizer nearly identical to the one shown below that I scored at Target a few years back, and I love it.  It makes it easy to fold your underwear/bras without having them end up in a big jumble.  (I roll mine.  My sister once noticed this and looked at me like I came from Mars — “that’s like what serial killers do.”  HAHA!)  If your likelihood of folding underwear is super-low and you just want something to keep them separate from your socks and jammies, I would consider these — one for undies, one for bras, one for socks?  I also came across two intriguing finds: a bra organizer (!) and scented drawer liners.  Right now, I often spritz this “Delicates Spray” from the Laundress into my clothing drawers and will tuck it into my suitcase when traveling to keep all my clothes smelling fresh from the laundry.  (It smells more like soap/laundry than anything else, which I love.)  But scented drawer liners…!

The Fashion Magpie Underwear Drawer Organizer

Pick No. 5: The Must Read Thriller.

My mom texted me urgently to let me know she could not put down Here and Gone by Halen Beck.  I love a good thriller, so I am eager to pick it up!  Currently reading this thriller, though — I’ll need to get to Beck’s book after I get through the next few books on my list.  (Are you reading along?)

The Fashion Magpie Here and Gone Haylen Beck

Pick No. 6: The Fall Flat.

Though I’m still ga-ga over all of the bow-topped mules out this season (these!!!), I’m beginning to look toward fall and I am kind of in love with these loafers by new label Rothys.  The shoes are made out of recycled bottles and are intended to be the perfect everyday shoe — fun/flashy enough to feel stylish, but high on comfort.  AKA a perfect shoe for a mom on the go.  A friend of mine (also a new-ish mom!) bought a pair and raved about them.  I like them in the two colorways shown below in particular.

The Fashion Magpie Rothys Loafers 1

The Fashion Magpie Rothys Loafers 2

The Fashion Magpie Rothys Loafers 3

The Fashion Magpie Rothys Loafers 4

Pick No. 7: Chanel Bronzing Base.

OK, first it was their mascara base.  Now I’m intrigued by Chanel’s bronzing base, a “light cream-gel bronzer that leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-bathed look. Wear it on its own, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite foundation.”  Ummmmm yes.

The Fashion Magpie Chanel Tan

Pick No. 8: The Sailor Sweater.

How darling is this striped sweater with side buttons?

The Fashion Magpie J Crew Sweater 1

The Fashion Magpie J Crew Sweater 2

Pick No. 9: The Little White Top.

One of my favorite summer evening outfits?  A white blouse with white skinnies, which I then liven up with statement earrings (currently lusting after these and these) or a pair of flashy shoes (recently bought these in pink) or a swipe of bright lipstick.  I love this eyelet style (shown below, on sale for $55), this affordable ASOS (dramatic white bows FTW!), and this laser cut style (off white, and under $100).

The Fashion Magpie White Blouse

Pick No. 10: The Everlane Sweatshirt.

They’re baaaack!  I have had my eye on this sweatshirt in the bone color for like a full season but it keeps selling out before I can order one.  Currently on the waistlist.  Also intrigued by the celadon color…

The Fashion Magpie Everlane Sweatshirt 1

The Fashion Magpie Everlane Sweatshirt 2

P.S. This week’s random Amazon discoveries: we have a couple of miscellaneous inexpensive kitchen knives floating around one of our utensil drawers and it’s a dangerous situation — just snagged a set of these to solve the problem; mini has been getting into a couple of our cabinets, so I ordered these inexpensive and easy to install cabinet locks (read the reviews!!!); mini’s favorite pasttime is removing all of my credit cards from my wallet — I think this needs to be in her future (minus the coins).

P.P.S.  I love this ode to my mom.

P.P.P.S.  One of my favorite affordable finds this summer is still available!


  1. Loved alllll these picks, but especially the No. 1.

    I’m an East Coast transplant (from Alexandria, VA actually!) to Hawaii and I’m obsessed with all things rattan for the house right now. My husband laughs at me and call our apartment, “the tiki bar”. It’s a fine balance *shrugging emoji* haha.

    Still, I’d love any advice on merging my new love of all things island (especially anything with an Old Word Tropics vibe) with our east coast sensibilities. Any tips?

    1. Hi Veronica! Oooh, this is a good question. Honestly, I’d check out the interior designer Amy Berry’s portfolio for inspiration. She often incorporates rattan and wicker into her rooms, but she always balances everything out. I think she does a lovely job of incorporating elegant, more modern pieces (like lamps, tables, upholstered furniture) with rattan details and plenty of eye-catching prints. Check her out!!

  2. The straw belt bag – love it as well! I saw one in an Instagram post and have been contemplating one myself. I’ve also found all your recent home finds really helpful as well, with my upcoming move (happening this weekend, eek!).

  3. That rattan cabinet you linked is so gorgeous! Waaaant. I love the belt bag you found, too — I’ve had my eye on an APC version, but I like this woven option better for spring/summer, anyway!

    I am an organization freak as well and blessedly have an armoire that has two shallow drawers in it — I use one for undies/bras and the other for socks. It helps me keep things pretty tidy, but I’ll keep these dividers in mind for future needs!

    I have a major sweatshirt problem (as in, I have too many) and have always loved the colors/options from Everlane. I think I still have one of their OG sweatshirts from like 2013 in grey heather!

    1. That’s actually good to know about the quality of the Everlane sweatshirt! Can’t believe it’s lasted so long 🙂

    2. I find Everlane’s quality in general to be quite good. I think they use high-quality fabrics and I have been impressed with the longevity of everything I’ve bought there. The only items I’ve bought and donated/sold are ones that weren’t really the right size to begin with, if that makes sense.

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