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Putting on tha Glitz.

We have five different holiday festivities happening this week, and when I opened my closet over the weekend, I realized I have only three festive looks to wear.  So, I’ll either be recycling looks (hm, responsible) orrrrr (much preferable course of action) fast-shipping an extra dress or two to myself.  Top contenders:

+This dress, with it’s oversized bow, is SO ME.

+This gauzy star print style is a bargain and such a chic and unusual choice.


+This is like OG Magpie — a narrow sheath dress?  It’s so me from like 10 years ago and I still dig it.  It reminds me of something Charlotte York would wear with huge pearls and traditional pumps.

+How darling?  Pink is so unusual for this time of year, but I’m drawn to it.  Basic black ain’t bad either…

P.S.  I don’t know when or where I’d wear this — it’s summery-looking, but with a wintry print, but I am in love with it, and there are only two left, and one is in my size…

P.P.S.  There’s still time to finish your holiday shopping, but…chop chop.


  1. Ooooh, I love all things Saloni. I’ve been tempted to try Rent the Runway simply because of a couple of Saloni dresses they have — but haven’t done it yet! Do you have any experience with that site? I’ve heard both good and bad things from friends. Hmm…

    1. The Saloni dresses are SO beautifully made. They fit me perfectly! Rent the Runway — I used their “Unlimited” program very briefly when I was attending a lot of speaking events and wanted new clothing for each but it wasn’t the kind of clothing that particularly excited me (i.e., it was more “work appropriate”/”conservative”). I was impressed with how quickly items were delivered and returned, but I consistently found that items I’d ordered were out of stock and I’d be asked to pick an alternative. It was really annoying. At the end of the day, I felt like there were only a handful of items in my size available at any given time! So, I was underwhelmed there. But, it does serve a good purpose in particular situations, and they may have worked out the kinks!

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