Prime Time.

I feel as though Amazon’s Prime Day has been such a letdown in years past, but there are actually a few scores worth considering this go around (and “Prime Day” ends tonight, FYI):

+I finally convinced Mr. Magpie to buy himself a Kindle Paperwhite while they’re on sale for $85 (down from $129). I have raved about this product a trillion times in the past, but suffice to say — I credit it entirely with the volume of books I’ve read in the past two years. It makes reading easier, physically and conceptually, to fit into your life. (I wrote more about this here.) Great time to buy one of these for yourself or a loved one. (Also, what to read on your Kindle.)

+Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell system. My parents and several close friends have and love this. Great way to monitor your door remotely — and especially convenient if your front door isn’t on the same floor as your living space! (Also, a really good gift for a techie boyfriend/husband.)

+Instant Pot. This was one of the most popular items I featured on my blog last year — people go insane over this (read reviews). On sale for only $55 (usually $130).

+Hue Smart Lightbulbs. I wrote a euphoric hymn to these bulbs (see item #8) a few years ago, and not much has changed in terms of my enthusiasm, especially now that they sync with our HomePod and we can tell Siri to turn off all the lights in our apartment (!) These are fantastic.

+My favorite long-lasting lipstick (30% off at checkout for Prime members). I own this in the fiery red “fiery” color and the hot pink “fiore” color and they are THE BEST liquid lipsticks. I have advised several brides to use this brand — the color goes on matte and lasts. (Just make sure to moisturize prior — this is my favorite lip primer. A makeup artist described it as “velcro” for lipstick and I agree.)

+My favorite liquid eyeliner (30% off at checkout for Prime members). Dries matte (!) and extremely easy to apply. I wear this at night.

+My favorite shade of red nail polish — OPI Big Apple Red (32% off at checkout for Prime members). I get asked about my nail color all the time; if it’s red, it’s almost always this color. It’s a perfect true Coca Cola red.

+My favorite everyday sunscreen. Curious to try this mousse variation, too. (Both on sale for Prime members.)

+Revlon One-Step Hairdryer. So – I never took the plunge on this because reviews have been so scattered. Some people claim it’s the best thing since sliced bread, others complain that it’s bulky and doesn’t work for their hair. But now that it’s only $36…

+Baby boy has very dry skin that breaks out in rashes easily. Our pediatrician recommended either Aveeno Baby or Cerave, the latter of which is a Prime day deal. Might snag a tube of it while it’s discounted. I also bought Tubby Todd’s all-over ointment after reading several zealous reviews claiming it cures everything from rashes to cradle cap to eczema?!

+A new floor puzzle for mini (she’ll flip — on sale for $8). She was really into these two-piece puzzles, and I think she might get a kick out of the bigger one. Possibly a bit advanced but she can grow into it.

+$10 off one of my must-have baby toys. Yes, it’s hideous and the music haunts your dreams, but it truly is a must-own toy. It kept mini entertained for hours and hours over the course of months and months. (Can be used when baby is seated in front of it before she’s mobile, then can be used when she’s first learning to walk. She still loves playing with the phone piece!)

+People love love love Tegu magnetic blocks. This kit is on sale for an insane deal — only $32 down from $75! I’m going to buy a few of them to give as Christmas gifts!

+NOT on Amazon, but J. Crew is drafting off the “prime” sale verbiage and has some crazy good deals on some of my favorite staples, like this rollneck sweater for only $25, the classic Tippi sweater for $25 (crazy!), and one of my favorite tees (I own this already in several colorways — going to snag that pale pink!) for under $10.

P.S. Some of my favorite Amazon finds for little ones.

P.P.S. What to wear while nursing.

P.P.P.S. Room to spare.


  1. Haha, I got the “Amazon coat” in dove grey last winter and I have to say, I do like it. I wish I had sized up, though, because it is a tiny bit snug around my hips (though fine in the chest/arms?!)

    I realize that Prime Day is well over, but there are some great finds here! LIP PRIMER … why have I never sought this out?! I have a feeling it’ll be life-changing, even though I am not a v. frequent lipstick wearer.


    1. YES – try it! Let me know what you think. The vision of lip primer as “velcro” sold me. xx

  2. I have that hair dryer. My sister has it and she looks like she got a blow out when she uses it so I snagged one. I have thicker hair and I don’t get the blow out effect but I think it does dry my hair faster, I just run a straightener through my hair after. I’d say worthwhile purchase, especially if you are in need of a new blow dryer anyway.

    Prime day beef: why aren’t kindle books included ??

    1. Right?! That would be amazing!!! $1.00 books for Prime day. Boom.

      Thanks for the caveat on the hair dryer! I’ve heard this from other people, too! Must be better for some types of hair.


    1. YES, I saw this! Do we think this will still be a thing?! Probably. At any rate, it’s supposed to be a warm and comfortable coat!

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