The Fashion Magpie Midi Skirt

Pleated Skirts + Other Miscellany.

No preamble, just things on my radar aujourd’hui:

+V. into pleated, midi-length skirts right now (see above).  Not sure where I’d wear one these days (sigh), but I would love to wear this (teehee) or this (more practical).

+Eminently possible: this darling heart-printed, pleated skirt dress.

+These are in my cart.  Debating whether to order them last-minute for our Florida trip this weekend…

+This lamp would be the perfect finishing touch to my desk…

+I’m on the waitlist for these in pink, but should I just cave and order navy while they’re still in stock?

+Tea lovers: check out the reviews on this utility play.

+I’m dying over these vintage-looking earrings.

+Chic stationery at a good price — the liners!!!!

+I love jammies like these.

P.S.  What words do you hate?

P.P.S.  That time I bowed in front Caroline Kennedy

P.P.P.S.  Women of a certain age.


  1. I love those sunglasses – I’ve worn the same white pair for forever now (but really, they’re perfect, and the Little has a matching pair sooooo….), maybe it’s time for some new ones!

    I do calligraphy on the side and make my own stationery so I have waaay too much, but ugh that linked set makes me want to redesign my monogram…

    (And yes, get the earrings!)

    1. Earrrrringssss! You’re a bad influence. I think I need them! I would love to see some of your calligraphy!!!

  2. Ooh thanks for that Etsy store! I scored a great deal on some personalized stationery at The Stationery Store like legit seven years ago and I bought like 200 cards + envelopes…the stock is dwindling and I’m in need of some variety, so this timing is perfect. Also, snag the earrings in navy!! They’re *heart eyes*

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