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Packing for the Beach with a Baby.

We head to the Hamptons in a few days and I have been doing a lot of frantic last-minute ordering for beach gear so that I’m ready to go.  My favorite find?  This Gap swimsuit, which looks a lot like the pricier Minnow Swim one-pieces I’ve been eyeing for awhile,  along with some of the other adorable finds below.  (I also love this gingham one-piece and I think I might order this style for when she’s a little older!  PRECIOUS!)

(click images to be taken to product details, or see list below!)

+Gap ruffle one-piece

+Baby Supergas!  I’ve also heard great things about Cienta shoes — I love these and how festive would these (on super sale!) be for the FOJ?

+Parker Thatch Canvas Tote

+Dock and Bay Towel — these are super thin (and therefore compact) but highly absorbent

+Bow — obv.  BTW, I recently snagged this monogrammed bow organizer for mini!  It’s TOO adorable!

+Cover-up.  I already have this one for mini, which is adorable and cozy for her — but I really want that TBBC one with the side-ties, too!

+Sand toys

+Flap Happy Beach Hat — people rave about these UPF 50 sunhats!  I’m not normally a huge fan of the bucket style on babies (mini almost always wears more of a bonnet hat), but the colors and prints and the apparent quality of a Flap Happy hat has me convinced!  (Hanna Andersson also makes a similar style in bright colors.)

+Hamptons Pop Up Beach Tent — I spent a lot of time comparing the dozens and dozens of similar-looking styles on Amazon, and this one seemed to receive the best reviews without the most common complaint I saw elsewhere: that the tent was difficult to fold up and collapse.  So, I went with it!  Stay tuned for a full report, but I thought this would be super handy to have to keep mini out of the sun / let her snooze on the beach.  I contemplated splurging on this pop-up tent (big enough for the whole fam!) but realized I was getting a litttttle out of control.

Finally, not shown above, I bought this duo of insect repellant and sunscreen, which I keep in her stroller at all times.  I’ve also heard really good things about these swim diapers, but I’d already stocked up on a couple from Primary.  I like the Primary ones but they’re a bit thin IMHO — I haven’t had any issues with them but they strike me as just another layer of swimsuit?

P.S.  More Fourth of July clothing options here, and rashguards here.

P.P.S.  A complete guide to my favorite travel gear for babies here.  New must-have?  These.   The source of hours of quiet entertainment for mini…!

P.P.P.S.  Mini adores Winnie the Pooh right now, and this book is absolutely her favorite thing on the planet.  The textures are interesting — there’s even a “sticky” page for the honeypot!


  1. Love this post! PS they make velcro Supergas for toddlers – my son lives in them now that he’s walking. Way easier than shoelaces!!

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