The Fashion Magpie Winter Coats for Toddlers

Outerwear for Minis.

Mini’s Patagonia fleece and Mayoral toggle coat (mini’s is cherry red) have fared well thus far, but as the temperatures drop further, I’ve been on the hunt for additional back-up in the outerwear category.  Below, a few of my top picks:

Puffers and Down Coats for Toddlers.

+Love the scalloping on this Jacadi style.  Puffers have such an intrinsically sporty vibe, and this softens the look.  Plus, it has fur lining and a hood!  (I have a feeling there will be a lot of battles over hats this winter.)

+Into this velvet puffer!  I wish it came in navy, but pink will do.

+Adore this star-print style, but I’d remove the faux fur trim.  Sometimes the faux fur elements can look so cheap; without it, this looks like it might be a Stella McCartney for kids piece.

+How fun is this fur-trim puffer?!

+Beige may seem like an odd outerwear color choice for a child, but I love the sophisticated almond color of this Polarn O. Pyret piece.  (This reversible style also caught my eye.)  The quality of their pieces is insane — I’ve bought many, many layering items for mini from here and they are insanely well-made.  I have my eye on one of their snowsuits, too; they get rave reviews and last forever, apparently.   (Word to the wise: sometimes you can find bizarrely heavily discounted styles from this brand on Amazon — I found one of their coveted snowsuits for $65 here!!!)

+Speaking of snowsuits — how precious is this printed coverall?!

+Into the bow accents on this navy puffer and the ruffle-trim on this style (<<on sale!).

Wool Coats Toddlers.

+I love mini’s Mayoral wool toggle coat (mentioned above) — it’s got the classic styling but not overly expensive.  Gap has a really good version out this season, lined in the cutest buffalo check.

+This toggle coat with the fur pockets is AMAZING.  I would wear it in my size.

+This fur-trimmed blue wool coat looks like something a royal baby would wear!

+Little Goodall has some seriously darling coats — they make a big statement and aren’t for everyone, but how incredible is this?!

+Adore the bows on this style.

Other Statement Coats + Accessories.

+This sherpa-lined plaid coat is precious.

+A fur muff!  I always wanted one when I was little so I could be like my Samantha doll.

+This was mini’s coat last year and oh my was it precious.

P.S.  I do not need another oatmeal-colored fleece (right?), but I love the navy cuffs on this style.

P.P.S.  More fall finds for minis.

P.P.P.S.  Ugh, my heart.

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