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Open Hearts.

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Despite my reservations about the devotional I am currently making my way through, there have been words that have positively jumped off the page at me. I underlined and then returned to this passage several days in a row:

“When we open our hearts up to others and allow them to know us, we are offering an invitation for they themselves to be known.” -Cleere Cherry Reeves

Vulnerable female friendships are a treasure, and the quote made me realize just how much I benefit and grow from the candor of my closest. Just last week, one of my best girlfriends from UVA sat on the carpet across from me in my new home and let her heart tumble out. It wasn’t until I revisited that quote that I realized that her openness had invited me to reflect on my own heart. It was emotional sonar: the more she shared, the more I reflected on myself and my own position in relation to her observations, experiences, and insights. Perhaps all self-knowledge is dialectical in this sense: how can we truly know ourselves in a vacuum, without any markers or points of reference? Luckily, friendship can be one such dialectical force in the development of self-consciousness, and a far gentler one than many of the others we endure (failure, loss, argument, mis-judgement, etc).

From time to time, I have attempted to focus on a single word as a sort of theme for self-improvement. (Often, my chosen word is grace, an aspirational virtue I rarely attain.) I think this season’s word will be open-heartedness in recognition of the many women (on this blog, and in my personal life) who have helped me know myself by opening up their hearts to me.


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Shopping Break.

+Scalamandre’s velvet tiger fabric is a classic.

+How about these chic coupes for your fall tablescape?!

+Found this pretty and well-priced bamboo frame via Megan Stokes!

+More pretty frames for pretty pictures here.

+Love these pink corduroy overalls and this affordable floral puffer for mini!

+Just ordered myself this heart necklace (I got 15% off by joining their mailing list and using code INSIDER15, bringing the cost down to $29). I think I will layer with my other delicate heart necklace!

+This Gucci bag is a classic.

+Truly adore this stationery!

+I have absolutely no reason or occasion to wear this slip dress but I want to. Wondering if I should buy for NYE, even with no current plans? Imagine with a faux fur wrap…stunning! Or, if you’re a bride…

+Speaking of all things bridal, I just added a new section of my shop for brides-to-be. (I see you, M!)

+I also updated my wedding guest shop, as a lot of items had sold out or were no longer seasonally appropriate. So many chic finds, including this Zimmermann dress and these ODLR-lookalike earrings for under $100.

+These daisy mugs are so cheerful.

+Clothing organization boxes, paired with these.

+Keep coming back to this daybed. Love everything about it.

+I don’t really understand this, but Gap has a Home collection at Walmart? Anyway, this pouf is inexpensive and a cute way to outfit a playroom.

+Love the throwback styling on this LL Bean jacket!

+This puff sleeved cardigan is beyond.

+This, worn with a belt, looks ridiculously high-end. Like, how could it be $160?!

+Cute everyday play dress for a little lady.

+Gifts for every occasion.

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+A shacket moment for your little one.

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