Olivia, I Love Ya

I just realized I’ve not yet run a full-feature FashionMagpie post on the ever-chic Olivia Palermo; she’s earned Magpie Maven status and been showcased as “chic pea of the day” a dozen times over in my {magpie covets} section, so it’s high time to feature her in full.  In my opinion, this little lady can do no wrong, sartorially-speaking.  She’s perpetually on point, without seeming too slavish to trends.  She’s equal parts borrowed-from-the-boys preppy (her signet rings, her oxfords, her blazers), feminine sophisticate (ruffles and lace are mainstays in her wardrobe), and downtown chic (lots of black, and more leather than you’d probably expect).  She is a mix.master in a major way.  A few of my favorite “everyday” looks?

Get that Olivia look by layering, mixing contrasting fabrics — and wearing lots.of.black.  I’d begin with a pair of classic cat eye shades (no need to spend a huge sum — this $16 Urban Outfitter pair gets the job done), a statement jacket (DKNY, $222, MyWardrobe — I’ve seen her wear lots of Chanel-esque tweed, collarless jackets, and she rocks them like none other with her super-skinny black leather pants, though I’d opt for black skinny jeans):

Finish with some edgified cap-toe flats ($215, Reiss) and an oversized, slouchy bag (this one is aptly named “The Olivia” — $595, CCSkye):

Don’t forget her omnipresent polished gold watch (this is my ab.so.lute favorite, thanks to its feminine Roman Numeral numbering — Freelook, $200, Endless), gold ring ($125, CCSkye), and glossy red nails — when asked about her signature manicure color, she responded: “Dark nails just makes me look bitchy.”  Love it.

I could totally see myself channeling Ms. Palermo with this edgy-yet-classy Markus Lupfer tweed dress ($553, Farfetch), paired with some classic back flats (with a twist — love the zipper in the back — $100, Dakota Collective):

Finish with a black leather coat (love this sophisticated, “woven” style — on sale for $549, Net-A-Porter) and an oversized black clutch in a contrasting fabric (like this shimmer suede — $98, J. Crew):

An dramatic necklace seals the deal (she is the queen of statement jewelry) — I’m talking serious neckwear, like this piece from Phillip Lim’s first-foray jewelry collection ($275, Scoop NYC):

Another uptown-meets-downtown Olivia P.-inspired look?  A ladylike bow-front blouse ($320, Net-A-Porter) tucked into a pair of feminine tweed shorts ($63, Jigsaw) layered over tights and finished with some serious footwear (Castaner, $460, Scoop NYC):

Give the look a little polish with some glossy gold accents — something like this heavy deco bracelet ($175, CCSkye) would be up her alley, and while she’s not quite as into the enorma-studs as this little Magpie, I feel that they’d complete the look ($750, Doyle and Doyle — P.S. love how both feature a ribbed gold effect…I.like.to.match):

And, of course, Olivia is rarely seen without her gorge.ous Birkin bag (swoon — Hermes), but for those of us who can’t afford such extravagances, this roomy J. Crew tote achieve a similar aesthetic ($298, J. Crew):

If the thought of those statement shoes with a pair of wintry shorts leaves you cringing and/or running for the hills, add a ladylike cardigan ($200, Net-A-Porter) and a pair of classic cap-toes (on sale for $89, Johnston and Murphy) to tone things down a bit:

(I think that playing-off the similar though slightly different tweeds of the shorts and the shoes would be brilliant.  Love.)  One other casual-appropriate outfit to add to the roster?  A dramatic statement necklace (this heirloom-worthy version is by Ranjana Khan — $1,100, Kirna Zabete; Olivia did, after all, collaborate with Roberta Freymann to create an eye-catching collection of statement pieces) atop an otherwise all-black ensemble —

I’m talking a black mongolian fur gilet ($325, Michael Kors), a turtleneck (love the tissue-weight at J. Crew, but check out this inexpensive $8 Old Navy version — talk about a bang for your buck…), and some skinnies — finished with some uber-classic footwear, like these Chanel-esque quilted puppies ($137, French Sole; if you want to order within the states, you can find them for more at Endless):

An unexpected pop of leopard in the form of a structured, oversized clutch ($109, Zara) and a pair of serious shades (Linda Farrow, $487, Ssense) are the perfect accents:

That is, if you don’t have your Birkin — or something comparable in terms of stateliness, like this herringbone tweed tote (on sale for $50, Oasis) — handy.  Picture.perfect.

By the way, if you’re loving her courageous shoe styles, test drive any of the above looks with either a pair of leopard booties (tres chic, ca — $325, Harvey Nichols) or these perforated lace-up booties ($129, Vince Camuto):

I just wish that the latter pair didn’t feature the peep-toe…they seem so inauthentic and impractical because of it, as do those hid.e.ous heeled Tevas that just came out.  Hate to be a hater, but…sick.  At any rate: if you’re not sure you can “get down” with the lady-in-black look, lighten things up with an olive-colored cargo dress (Marc by Marc Jacobs, $222, Net-A-Porter) — something about the structured, trench-like vibe this dress gives off seems very “Olivia”:

Add these darling cork-and-gold flats (on sale for $82, Jildor) and a roomy, oversized tote  (I adore this Marc Jacobs tote, which recently went on sale — $599, Barney’s — but you can get the look for far less with this Melie Bianco find!):

Complete the look with some tortoise-shell cat-eyes ($325, Barney’s), a chain-link bracelet ($420, Ben-Amun), and a polished gold ring ($62, ShadeStation):

Ooh.la.la.  You think you can pull it off with Olivia’s aplomb?

P.S.  If you haven’t yet done so, please share your favorite beauty cabinet miracle-worker with me for a chance to win a Magpie Must (one of those cosmetic essentials that I just can’t live without!)  Have a mascara that works wonders?  A shampoo that you just.swear.by?  Do tell — I’m putting together a “Magpie Musts: The Beauty Cabinet Edition” post and would love to feature some new finds.  You can email me your top pick at jennifer@thefashionmagpie.com, or post it on Facebook.  I will pick a winner tomorrow!


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