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No Straight Lines.

There is an arresting lyric in the Kacey Musgraves’ song, “Justified”:

“Healing doesn’t happen in a straight line.”

I find this is true of other emotional pursuits, too: grief and growth, for example, are similarly non-linear. I was chasing these thoughts down Bradley Boulevard the other day when I remembered Mr. Magpie once telling me — casually, as if everyone knew this — “There are no straight lines in nature.” And it’s true. There is, occasionally, symmetry, but straight lines do not exist. Grass, branches, coastlines, weather patterns, even the scars on my body — they all squiggle, bend, curve, dimple, flex, retreat, extend. A Mary Oliver-esque reminder, then, to permit those recursions and divots and accelerations in matters of the heart. We cannot wield taut and synthetic expectations in realms where the natural movements of the heart run wild.

A quiet thought for any of us in need of a little grace this morning.


+All hail HRH Mary Oliver.

+Attention is a form of love.

+Things must end to begin again.

+All second growth.

+On the uses of sarrow.

+For me, the triumvirate of literary muses (they would be seated atop of own personal Mount Helicon): Mary Oliver, Joan Didion, and Nora Ephron. Who are the most revered amongst your personal canon?

Shopping Break.

+Loving the earrings from new-to-me label Eliou — j’adore these in particular.

+Two fun mid-winter dresses: this velvet and this plaid organza!

+I’m actually a tiny bit sore that I paid full price for this fantastic jeweled jammie top and bottom set, which I have been wearing out (soo cute and comfortable!), because the entire set is now $34 (both top and bottom…I repeat, $34 for set). I did have my pants hemmed so they hit above the ankle and looked a bit more flattering. I wore these on Friday when my sister came by with dinner and wine for a hang out!

+Another great pear of earrings, these under $40! They would liven up even a basic black sweater!

+I don’t know why it’s never occurred to me until now to buy a box cutter. Would have been very helpful with all the packages that have arrived the last few weeks for the holidays…

+This mockneck sweater arrived last week and I’ve worn it twice in the pretty pink color. I LOVE it. Have been wearing it with my Madewell jeans, this sparkly headband, and metallic Chanel captoes. It’s a perfect lowkey festive look.

+As you know, I love this Etsy vendor for personalized stationery. Just ordered myself a set of these in the block print, and these constantly fetch compliments!

+Teddy bear slippers.

+Gorgeous cane decorative boxes. Similar vibe: these cane hurricanes!

+This modern pedestal is a chic way to showcase a special objet, urn/vase, figural, or plant. Love in the corner of a dining room or tucked behind a chair in a living space.

+I love the idea of cashmere “bed socks.” They’re a thing! Check out these and these.

+The perfect cardigan doesn’t exis–

+This Loretta Caponi is listed as a nightdress but I would 100% wear during the day. Doesn’t it seem that the distinctions are collapsing right and left, between nap dresses and pajamas for evening wear! Did I mention that dress is 60% off?!

+These featherweight long-sleeved tees are currently on sale for $11?!

+Hooded shearling fleece in two great colors. Great for throwing on over athletic wear.

+This cardigan reminds me of Self-Portrait, but costs $62!

+These sparkly flats in the denim!!

+Is it a sign of middle age that I am intrigued by the idea of buying a steam cleaner?! Two children and a dog are destroying everything we own!

+I bought micro this baseball keychain to put on his new backpack. Also contemplating adding a DIY monogram using these stick-ons.

+If you’ve ever been furious at your cling wrap or foil for getting jammed in the box, or for cutting yourself on that exposed jigsaw edge, this is your answer.

+More pantry organization ideas.

+Chic, easy everyday winter dress to pair with flats or booties.

+This scarf is so cheerful.

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