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Guys, the Gucci Dionsysus Bag.  [Insert heart eyes.]  It’s been everywhere in all different formations and sizes and it is so lovely.

The fun prints on these neck pillows ($22) make them SLIGHTLY less embarrassing than the usual for long flights!  Especially like the cubist Pierre Hardy-esque one.

I’ve been seeing a lot of chic peas in statement earrings by new-to-me label Mercedes Salazar.  They make me want to go on a tropical vacation.  I especially love this pair ($215), this pair ($238), and this pair ($215).  Very Frida Kahlo, n’est-ce-pas?

Random alert, but I’ve heard good things about this electric toothbrush by Quip and isn’t it CHIC ($45)?!

Two fun little sassy gifts for the #bossladies in your life: this mug ($14), and this throw pillow (on sale for $28).

This silky bow-front blouse ($69) is just the kind of thing I wear on repeat for work.  I like to pair with jeans and statement shoes/booties.  I also love this printed blouse, and how FUN is this bell-sleeved one, too?!  Ann Taylor for the win!  And for my fellow preggos, I found the CUTEST cherry-print bow-neck maternity blouse from Loft and I love it for work meetings.  This squirrel one is also fun.

I love a good monogram, and these boudoir pillows ($75 each) are such a beautiful find.

Um, these printed fur stoles from Charlotte Simone ($245) are amazing.  I’d pair with an entirely black look — black crewneck/turtleneck sweater, black jeans, black booties.  BOOM.

I just got this book in the mail — it’s supposed to be hilarious, and it’s by one of Amy Schumer’s producers/writers.  We also just picked this book for my book club, and I’m really excited about it.  One of the favorite classes in my M.A. program was called “Class Fictions” and it interrogated the representation of class in American literature.  We spent quite a bit of time analyzing the lyrics of country music, and the construction of race, class, and gender alongside the appropriation and performance of “redneck” culture.  Mr. Magpie and I often talk about the seemingly condoned slurs against poor white people–it’s nearly socially acceptable to toss around the phrases “white trash,” “hillbilly,” “redneck,” etc.  So I’m intrigued by this book…

These patterned mules ($148) are SO funky-cool. They look like something Mara Hoffman would design–and they nail the current backless flat trend.

Lastly, a few other treats:

+I know summer holidays are a long way off, but this star-print dress ($68) would be SO PERFECT for the Fourth of July or Cinco de Mayo.  I always kick myself when I see perfect things for some future event but decide not to buy them because they are too far away…

+I LOVE this chunky turtleneck sweater ($118) — what great colors!!

+Sweet, fluffy little toddler robe ($48)!  People have the best things to say about this brand.  I was already gifted one of their uber-soft baby blankets for Mini Magpie and I almost want to sleep with it myself.

+Tilden is pretty rough with her toys–for awhile, I felt like I was getting her a new toy every few weeks and she’d tear through each one within 24 hours.  The only thing she hasn’t destroyed is a stuffed squeaky duck we got her when she was a puppy–it has just SURVIVED.  So I researched the label and found out it was from the brand Fluff + Tuff.  Amazon carries a whole slew of their stuffed toys.  I know they’re a little on the pricy side, but when they last for years…!  I love this clydsedale, and we just gave her this trout for her birthday.

+In my eternal quest for organized cabinets…I need this lipstick caddy ($11)!!!  Can you imagine being able to see ALL of your lipsticks without digging forever into a black hole?

+Denim maternity tunic for $59, plus a current 50% off promo!!!

+Such a sweet dress ($98).

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