The Fashion Magpie Alexandros Baby Boy Braces and Shortalls

New Discoveries for Minis + Micros.

I’ve come across so many fun new finds for minis in the past few weeks, starting with the absolutely precious shorts and braces set from Alexandros Baby above. OMG. That little boy model is beyond adorable, and I love the knee socks. I have found that occasionally dressing mini in unexpectedly “mature” colors like taupe, beige, khaki, and gray are surprisingly darling — and keep her looks from appearing too frou-frou. Love this little guy in his muted brown palette!

Travel Surprises for Minis.

We are traveling to Florida in less than two weeks, and though I already shared some amazing warm weather finds for the minis (and have previously shared both my favorite travel gear for babies and some tips I’ve picked up while traveling, too), I thought I’d share some of the on-flight distractions I’ve picked up for mini already:

+Repositionable sticker play set. We’ve purchased variations on this theme in the past and they’re always a big hit. I like this particular set because the “pad” is a good size — not so big that it’s hard for her to wield, and not so small that all the stickers will wind up on top of one another.

+New little people. I don’t get the appeal necessarily, but mini LOVES these little guys! I think she’ll flip at the idea of getting two new ones.

+Another sticker activity book.

+Aquadoodle travel size. The reviews on this were confusing — some swear their toddlers sit and play with it for hours, others complain about the difficulty of erasing the board. But for $8, worth a shot. Ultra-appealing: the pen is attached to the screen…

+iPad case. This isn’t new, but I must reinforce its importance here. We will usually hold off on giving mini a movie on the iPad until the last possible second, but it has come in handy many, many times. This case is genius. It protects the screen but — more importantly — stands up on its own / can be held by her via those side grips when need be.

+Water Wows. The best. Mess-free and reusable.

New Jammies for Minis.

Mini’s been rocking her Christmas jammies the past few weeks and I thought it was finally time to pick up some more seasonally appropriate picks:

+I’ve had these RRR jammies waiting for almost a year; I’m going to give them to her on Valentine’s Day.

+Love these rubber duckies and these ruffled star beauties from Gap.

+OMG these are magical! So pricey but so darling.

+Love these discounted orange-print jams for mini and these lion ones for micro.

+London is calling! (Adorable!)

+This dog print footie was a MUST for micro’s layette.

+Gingham + monogram = perfection.

+A sweet short set.

+Love this swan print.

New Clothing for Minis and Micros.

+Love this cord jumper.

+This dress is exquisite.

+Adorable monogrammed bubble for a boy.

+I have been dressing mini in a lot of blouses with vests and leggings owing to the cold weather — I love blouses like this, this, and this. The latter would look precious underneath this jumper/skirt, too.

+For micro from the end-of-season sale at Jacadi: this romper and these cord bloomers.

+These duck wellies kill me. I love the look of classic yellow rainboots on a little one; minis are from Hunter. But these pink printed ones are also darling!

+Cool girl high-tops in blush pink.

+An INCREDIBLE Gap find. Love how they will have one or two super traditional pieces every now and then. This is a keeper. Micro can coordinate in this, with these.

+A super cute swimsuit!

+Love this bow-trimmed dress.


  1. The Roller Rabbit heart PJs are too good! If I hadn’t already bought Valentine’s gifts, I’d be all over them. Bookmarking for the future! xo

    1. OMG – that backpack is genius when you’re in a bind!! So clever! And I’m dying over those Aerin suits, especially since they have little trunks that coordinate 🙂 xo

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