The Fashion Magpie Spring Beauty Finds

New Beauty + Bath Finds for Spring.

I recently shared a few of my favorite beauty discoveries thus far in 2019 and also updated my Best of Everything: Beauty guide to showcase products I have been using for months now and will never be able to live without. In the midst of crafting these posts, I found myself creating yet another list: cosmetics and skincare products I am dying to try. Below, a round-up of my top lust list items, many of which rack up insane reviews or have been personally recommended by people I trust. Click on images below to access product details or see my notes below!

+Aquis Lisse Luxe Microfiber Hair Towel. My mother has been insisting that a good microfiber hair towel is the key to a shorter blow-dry session for years. (And you know how much I hate blow-drying my hair. Almost enough to make me want to buy the Dyson blow dryer, which people go insane over. But $400? Worth it?) This one gets really good reviews.

+Glow Recipe Ultra-Fine Watermelon Mist. I’ll admit that something about the packaging/marketing of this product is doing a number on me. I already have a few mists I love — but this looks like the perfect summer vacation accoutrement to tuck into my beach bag, n’est-ce pas? Also, read the reviews! Very strong — stronger, in fact, that the reviews on my current favorite skin mist, Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir. Intriguing.

+Ouai Smooth Shampoo. I have been a huge fan of all of the Ouai products I’ve tested thus far. I love the scent and they actually do what they purport to do. Going to give this a try when my current batch of Bumble & Bumble shampoo is out!

+Clear PVC Pouches. I already have a set of these inexpensive pouches. They were the perfect solution for the messy tumble of beauty samples / travel minis I have accrued over time. I separate products by category: hair, skincare, body, etc., and then when I am heading on a trip, I can easily find what I need.

+Nars Orgasm Blush. Though I have come to the perspective that Nars’ formulas are sub-par (I find that their bronzers/blushes break/crumble easily and run out very quickly), I am hooked on their colors. I think I might revisit this classic color from years past for that early-summer glow. A classic is a classic for a reason.

+LoveShackFancy Scrunchies. Still loving these for throwing my hair back and feeling a little more ladylike/polished/trendy than I normally do. They’re also a pretty accessory for your vanity, atop a monogrammed tray.

+Monogrammed Jewelry Round. I mentioned these last week, but I can’t get over them — they look just like the far pricier Leontine Linens jewelry rounds! I love the scale of the monogram and the colors of the rounds themselves. A great spot to stow your everyday jewelry while cleansing your face at the end of the day.

+Safavieh Rug. I also mentioned this last week, but I just love this pretty and inexpensive pink burnout-style rug. A great way to brighten up your bathroom.

+Tan Luxe The Gradual. I haven’t used self-tanner since my early 20s, but think it’s time to revisit now that I’m more radical about applying sunscreen (as I should have been all along). A dear girlfriend just had to have a melanoma removed from her shin and it was a wake-up call to take good care of my skin. I think I’ll need a tanner in this process.

+Eberjey Teddy. My secret to getting ready in comfort — no towels to contend with! I have a couple of pairs of Eberjey teddies and adore them all. This one is on sale for $55! (Bonus: nursing friendly.)

+Supergoop Illuminating SPF Eye Shadow. This line continues to expand into exciting new categories! This is apparently the first (?) eye shadow formulated specifically to protect the delicate skin of your eye area from the effects of sun. The colors are also pretty in a natural glow kind of way. I must try!

+Artis Oval Brush. OK, I’m sold on this after a few readers urged me to give it a try. Apparently it’s the key to a smooth application of foundation/tinted moisturizer, and it does not waste any product! (Does this fact in turn justify the price? I think so.)

+Target Trash Bin. This $20 bin looks like something you’d buy at Serena & Lily. Sold.

+Guerlain Bronzer. This already made my list of The Best Beauty Products, but I had to include it here again. I just ran out and immediately re-ordered. It’s a no-brainer and a staple of my daily routine — especially in the summer.

+Augustinus Bader Rich Cream. I wrote about this cream and the correlated hype around it. It feels like everyone and her mother is raving about it, but it wasn’t until my girlfriend called me to specifically mention that it had changed the quality of her skin that I paused and contemplated. Very much dying to try this one. Maybe I’ll swap this in for La Mer next time I’m re-upping?

+Aerin for WS Scalloped Towels. These are very similar to my beloved Matouk Cairo towels, but I love the subtle scalloping of the trim.

+Curaprox Toothbrushes. I’ve written about these in the past, but these are our absolute favorite toothbrushes. I love the hectagonal stem (helpful for angling the brush) and the fact that these brushes have like 10x the normal number of bristles (and therefore really get into all the nooks and crannies). Beyond that, my dentist insists you should only use a soft bristled brush.

P.S. The best affordable beauty products (all under $50 — make sure you check out the comments, too!)

P.P.S. Very curious about and intrigued by the strong reviews on this jewelry cleaner. Has anyone used it??

P.P.P.S. Speaking of self-care/self-love, feeling all the feels re-reading this post on body image. Remember this: “It’s not a body’s job to be perfect. It’s to keep you alive. I love your body for keeping my favorite person alive. Please, don’t hide it from me.”


  1. Would love to hear about your beauty/makeup routine for a big night out or weddings. I have a few weddings coming up this summer and need inspiration for a stepped up, glam look!

    1. Hi Kate! For me, it’s all about dialing up either the lip or the eye. I tend to prefer a dramatic eye. My favorite products are:

      1) This Laura Mercier eye palette: — I love the colors and find that the smoky browns and purples are really great for evening (without being full-on BLACK or GRAY, which I find very intense and scary to apply). I apply a softer/lighter shade all over the lid and then use the darker color in my crease, especially towards the outer corner. Then I use a super light color in the innermost corner of the eye.

      2) These Bobbi Brown gel eyeshadows: — especially the ones with a little shimmer to them. I have one in a bronze/brown color and another in a purple quartz color. I like these because you can build drama by applying more gradually and they’re basically fool-proof (I just use my finger to apply!)

      3) Stila Liquid eyeliner: — I loveeee this for a more dramatic evening eye. Very easy to apply in a thin line, and you can go back over to add thickness/drama. It really stays put and is the easiest liner I’ve ever used.

      4) It Cosmetics Superhero mascara: — I use this every day because I love a dramatic lash line no matter the situation, but if you’re a little more averse to that kind of intensity for the everyday, this is the perfect pick for evening. Super inky and dramatic. Love love love. This is my current favorite mascara.

      I always apply highlighter for evening, and especially like Nars’ Copacabana: — I apply a tiny bit under my brows, on the tip of my nose, on my cupid’s bow, and of course on my cheekbones. I also apply on my collarbone! It’s super glam.

      If I go for a bold lip, I keep the eyes a little more neutral (maybe a sand/gold/cream color) and go for a red or hot pink lip. I like Mac Cosmetics’ red colors:

      and for pink, either YSL ( or Stila All-Day lipstick ( The latter really stays put. For any of these bold lip looks, I’d strongly recommend exfoliating your lips first with a lip scrub:

      and then applying a ton of balm. My favorite is Elizabeth Arden:

      This will make sure that you don’t end up with yucky cakey dry lips…

      Hope this helps!!!

  2. Splurged on the Dyson hairdryer – it’s pretty awesome. Dries my hair soooo quickly and I swear my hair is shinier (it’s either the hair drier or the collagen I’ve recently started taking – but seems like the collagen would take longer to kick in). Got it for about 20% off around the holidays as we already have a Dyson appliance (vacuum). I’m loving it!

    1. AHH you are killing me. I absolutely loathe/despise blow-drying my hair and will come up with any way to avoid it. A gadget that cuts the drying time in half is right up my alley and probably worth the splurge. OK, on my wishlist for my birthday!


  3. I have that Aquis Lisse towel and it is worth EVERY penny. I have very long and thick hair, and I use this every day. After using it for 15 minutes, I brush out and blow dry my hair, and it only takes about 10-12 minutes with my T3 hair dryer. Insane. I buy these a lot for gifts (I got mine for Christmas last year) and definitely recommend it. I am such a sucker for anything Eberjay, so I need this sleeves romper asap! Thanks as always for sharing!

    1. Ooh, love this review! So interesting that folks have had different reactions to it (see note from Jen below). But your encouragement makes me think it’s worth a try.


  4. My sister swears by the microfiber hair towel and gave me one for my bday last year. I think whether it works must depend on your hair. I have thick, heavy hair, it didn’t make a difference and couldn’t even hold all my hair.

    Love the budget bathroom decor picks.

  5. I’ve heard a lot of good things about getting the Dyson blow dryer through Dyson’s own eBay page and they’re certified refurbished!

  6. Adding those Curaprox toothbrushes to my list … I recently switched to an electronic toothbrush but I never bring it with me when I travel, and I love having “upgraded” options like Marvis toothpaste and fancier face wash, etc. when I am on the road. These would be perfect to add to my travel toiletry kit!

    Also: here to co-sign Nars Orgasm blush, Ouai hair products (though I haven’t tried this shampoo specifically), and that Eberjey teddy, which I own in 2 other colors. Love! xo

    1. I hear you — I already stocked my hospital bag with little luxury beauty upgrades to test 🙂 So fun to try in trial size…


  7. I use and am obsessed with the Magnasonic jewelry cleaner. The link to it is my second text to my girlfriends after Congratulations! when they get engaged. It works wonders on any of my diamond jewelry. Just be sure to read all the directions before you use it on ALL your jewelry – I know it is not supposed to be used on porous stones and there might be some other contraindications. Highly, highly recommend.

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