My Favorite Recent Purchases.

1 // Snakeskin Dress. Only $50 and very much my vibe right now. I wear it with black kitten-heeled booties.

2 // Drawer dividers. I have been in serious Marie Kondo mode as I just finally got around to sorting all my clothes, donating several bags, tossing old items not worth donating, and putting everything away in my closet and my new dresser. These dividers make the most of my dresser, as the drawers are delightfully wide. I am determined not to let the drawers become mash-ups of clothes, and these will keep me in my lane. I also ordered this set to keep my underwear drawer tidy, as I bequeathed my old divider set to mini, who also inherited our old dresser.

3 // Serena and Lily Blake Dresser. I had my eye on this for years and years and finally purchased it during S&L’s most recent promotion. It is absolutely gorgeous in person — its texture adds so much warmth and interest to our bedroom. I am absolutely head over heels for it. My new dilemma is how to style the top! It is a very wide dresser so it needs a big piece of art and either a large, squat lamp or two tall, slender lamps to flank its sides. I am contemplating finally purchasing either a Paule Marrot or a St. Frank Textile to hang above it (both of them mentioned here, alongside my other top sources for artwork for the home).

4 // Velvet Hangers. Per the recommendation of multiple readers, I stuck with velvet hangers and phased out the mish-mash I’d accrued over time. These are slim, sturdy, and look polished. I also ordered a set of clips to use for my skirts.

5 // Iris Storage Bins. It’s hard to describe these as “favorites” because Mr. Magpie and I were both appalled at the amount of money we spent on empty plastic bins — BUT. They do make me so happy. Our new apartment has a lot more closets than our old one but many of them were outfitted (smartly) with a ton of built-in shelving that meant they couldn’t accommodate a lot of the bigger boxes/bins we’d been using previously. And so we had to measure all the various spaces and figure out how best to store things like Christmas decorations, Mr. Magpie’s train set from when he was a child, memorabilia and paperwork/documents, wrapping paper, baseball cards, etc, etc. We ended up very carefully buying just the right size sets of boxes and are now able to stow everything tidily and in just the right dimensions to slide right into the built-ins. It all makes me so gleeful.

6 // Hygge & West Shower Curtain. I put this in the tiny bathroom off micro’s nursery and it brings me so much joy each and every time I walk in there. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a print more! I ordered these hand towels (still waiting for them to arrive) to coordinate and I have to say the store owner was such a delight to work with! She helped me track down the perfect blue. I also placed this soap in there and I love the blue story happening every time I walk in.

7 // Rug Pads. I am probably embarrassing myself by admitting this, but I did not use rug pads until I moved into our new apartment. It just never crossed my mind, with the exception of a grippy-type mat I used to use in our front foyer because Tilly was always making the rug slide all over the place when she’d sprint to the door. Because we have been investing in our rugs, I read somewhere that these are essential if you are placing heavy furniture on top of the rug — and they also add a level of plushness that I hadn’t anticipated and absolutely live for. A small price to pay for both caring properly for your rug and enjoying a luxurious rug experience! Serena and Lily generously sent me this gorgeous rug for our bedroom and I’m absolutely dying over it. The rug pad makes it feel that much more extravagant. (More to come on this tomorrow, but you can get any S&L rug for 30% off right now…!)

8 // La Coqueta Knit Suits. These are just precious and so beautifully made. As we slip into cooler weather, I find myself only wanting to put micro in head-to-toe playsuits, and these are a cut above the rest. (I also have been burrowing him in his fleece bunting. He also has one of these for when it gets super cold; he inherited from his sister. Not sure why it’s marked so cheaply on Amazon, but trust me — jump on that deal! This brand makes clothes that LAST. Alternately, check out this adorable tartan bunting, on serious sale right now! And while we are on the subject of warm gear for little babies, a girlfriend of mine sent micro one of these personalized knit hats and literally he cannot wear it out of the apartment without someone stopping to ask me about it. His is light blue, so I bought him these mittens to coordinate.) If the LC knit suits are overly pricey for your taste, I am intrigued by the brand Hope & Henry (has anyone tried?) — check out this and this! — and this sweet little one-piece (under $20) gets good reviews.

9 // Laura Mercier Eye Basics. My favorite purchase from my recent Sephora haul (the 20% off event ends today!). I have been feeling lately like eye shadow is such a drag and often can’t be bothered to apply it. My priorities are concealer (<<my all-time favorite) and a heavy application of mascara (<<my other all-time favorite), and then I’m on my way. But I love the LM eye basics because — though I think it’s meant to be a primer that you use beneath a shadow — I just swipe it on and it evens out redness/tone of my eyelids without requiring any additional eyeshadow application, in my opinion. I feel so much more finished wearing it but it still looks super-natural. I love it.

10 // Padded Headband. Have been wearing both the black padded headband and the pearl headband all over the place. So fun. I love inexpensive, trendy accessories like this! They take an otherwise straight-forward look (black sweater, black jeans) to another level.

P.S. Thoughts on prepping for Thanksgiving and consider this your nudge to have your girls over for happy hour…

P.P.S. Still reading this, which is excellent, but I am still struggling to carve out time to read these days with two little kids and a lot happening. (Hitha, how do you do it?!) But I am feeling a need to revive our book club…! I miss the conversations in the comments and IRL!

P.P.P.S. Starting at 9 PM P.S.T. tonight, you can get free shipping on my favorite liner jacket from Everlane.


  1. For your Serena and Lilly Dresser there is a matching mirror.
    What color did you pick? Mirror above the dresser very handy,
    and completes the look. I am redoing our guest room with a lot of their

    1. Hi! We got our dresser in the “fog.” Love the matching mirror, too — so chic. Hadn’t thought of that!! Thanks for the tip. xx

  2. I am going through the organization phase of my move now, and these are great suggestions! The new space is smaller but also has better closets with built-ins. I still feel like I need a major Marie Kondo purge, though!

    1. Yes! One thing we did with this move was give ourselves a lot of grace (and time) to get through everything. We tried to accomplish small tasks every weekend rather than doing one enormous purge…it’s been painstaking but has really paid off. Less overwhelming, and I’m less inclined to look at a pile of things and say “ugh, oh well, maybe I’ll just stow that all and deal with it later”!


  3. I’m so glad you’re loving Homegoing! It’s been on my to-read list for AGES … I bought it in hardcover & haven’t cracked it yet. Eeee!

    I’m feeling the need to revamp certain spots in my apartment & am using this post as inspiration. Love your commitment to tidiness and order! xx

  4. GM!
    I missed you in my inbox this morning. Hope all is well. I enjoy your blog so much. Your writing style is gorgeous and I look forward to your posts and recommendations each day.

    1. Hi Jan! Thanks so much for writing in — so sorry the email didn’t come through this morning! I had a few other people let me know the same. Everything is well, just not sure why the email did not go out. Thanks for checking in 🙂 xxx

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