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My Favorite Acquisitions of 2019.

So far this year, my favorite new belongings:

1 // Pamela Munson Straw Tote.

The lovely Pamela Munson (a Magpie woman of substance!) generously sent me this gorgeous straw tote with white leather handles (seen above as styled by the ultra-chic Daily Cup of Couture). I have been wearing it everywhere despite inauspicious temperatures and questionable seasonality; we’ve still been lingering in the 40s many mornings. Aside from its beach-y but feminine style, I love that it stands up on its own (can’t say the same for 90% of my other bags), that its handles are the perfect length (easy to wear over the shoulder), and that it goes with literally everything. Runner up: this plaid tote I bought from her spring collection. Love the shape, color, and coated fabric!

2 // Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil.

My skin was crazy dry all winter — until I started using this inexpensive oil after showering. Finally, relief! I had been so uncomfortable after bathing; this did the trick, and for a fraction of the price of other interventions I had considered and tested.

3 // Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer.

I bought this tinted moisturizer on a whim during a Blue Mercury promotion and will never go back! I have written extensively about this product already (and even updated my Best of Everything: Beauty post to replace it as my top pick for foundation/tinted moisturizer).

4 // Rhodia Gridded Notepad.

These Rhodia gridded notepads changed my life. Dramatic statement? Yes. But they’ve gotten me into the habit of a practice known as “bullet journaling” — one I more affectionately and privately title “list therapy.” I find myself creating lists of all kinds, from the mundane (“What We Need at Eataly”) to the meaty (“Experiences I Want for My Children” and “Things to Unlearn“). I love these notepads because they are oversized and “seamed” along the top. I’m a leftie, so not having to contend with a spiral is a gift.

5 // Spanx Faux Leather Maternity Leggings.

I am so into these waxed Spanx maternity leggings. I have been desperately trying to make do with what I have despite an urge to buy new things (I’m so sick of my rotation of boxy sweaters and maternity tees), but I’m glad I sprang for these. They’ve added a welcome little edge to my wardrobe and make me feel more pulled together than when I’m sporting my standard-issue cotton leggings. I’ve also been stopped by several expecting mothers asking where I’d found them!

6 // Faux Goyard Pouch.

It’s the little things, my friends. As I was organizing my diaper bag essentials in anticipation of baby two, I decided to buy a generously-sized pouch for my own essentials: my Kindle, a mini Rhodia notebook (yes, I’m that obsessed), nursing pads, my favorite ballpoint pen. (I already keep my other medicinal/self-care must-haves, like my favorite lipstick in the Bourbon Rose color, eye drops, Advil, bandaids, hair-ties, etc in a small Truffle pouch.)

7 // Eberjey Lady Godiva Robe.

A treat yourself moment. I have two robes that are a little worse for the wear and anticipated I’d be spending a lot of time in my favorite nursing nightgowns after the baby is born and/or attempting to relax in my favorite maternity pajamas in anticipation of baby’s arrival. This pretty lace-trimmed robe was just the ticket (and on sale in select sizes here!!!)

8 // Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum.

I wrote all about this wunderproduct a few weeks ago here, but trust me: it’s worth the hype. I am convinced it’s been the key to clear, even skin.

9 // Microfiber Dish Drying Mat.

Mr. Magpie and I are in a stand-off about this purchase. I like that it’s an intentional space for drying the various (read: many) hand-washed pots, pans, and implements we go through every day, as we cook nearly every night. It’s thick and absorbent. I personally like the style. But Mr. Magpie insists it was an unnecessary acquisition — “that’s what we have dish towels for,” he’s grumbled. Personally, it brings me joy to keep clutter contained and organized. You decide!

10 // Harney & Sons Soba Tea.

My favorite recent discovery: this soba tea tastes like delicious toasted rice water and is the perfect substitute for a post-prandial cocktail or dessert. So funky and delicious.

P.S. Currently in my shopping cart for April: these floral print canvas mules, this SZ Blockprints caftan, these YSL shades, this striped puff-sleeve blouse, this smocked top, and this romantic midi. Also dying for a pair of cropped white wide-leg pants, but feeling like I must wait a few months post-partem to properly size.

P.P.S. My favorite purchases from 2018, 10 life-changing baby products (read the comments, too!), and several products I was obsessing over (and still am) earlier this year.


  1. Loving my new SZ Blockprints caftans – the lack of tassels makes them so much easier to care for! Thinking about picking up a third one – which would mean Iā€™d have a total of …six… – too many???

  2. So many good finds here! Added that marbleized dish-drying mat to my Amazon cart … so chic and such a good solution for something that I use every dang day. And I am such a big fan of Harney & Sons tea ā€” if you’re ever in the Hudson Valley, you must visit their shop/tasting room! I think they have a location in Soho as well, but I haven’t been in … have only walked by.

    Still really want that SZ Blockprints caftan and the puff-sleeved H&M blouse! Ahhhh. May make a pilgrimage to my local outpost to check it out in person šŸ™‚ xo

    1. Yes, my sister visited the Soho outpost and said they had a really fun tasting! Been meaning to make the trek down there.


  3. How long does a tube of Chantecaille last? I’m tempted to try but also disappointed in the limited range of shades they offer – I’m pale and could easily find a match but I do try to support brands that are more inclusive.

    1. Hi Michelle! I just got mine in January and am still using the same tube, though it is running low. I’m guessing I’ll generally need to re-up once a quarter? Maybe less in summer. Hope that helps!


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