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Just flying back from D.C. after the loveliest weekend with family, but had to share a handful of items I learned about while visiting with my mother and mother-in-law, two of the best-informed shoppers out there:

+This Malin + Goetz body wash ($36).  Amazing.  I’ve been into bar soap for a long time (honestly, we recently bought a huge box of Dove soap from Costco and it’s been a delight — sort of nostalgic for the scent, and it doesn’t over-dry the skin), but this unisex wash lathers up so nicely and has such a delightful, spice-y scent.  Hat tip to my mother in law!

+These screen-cleansing wipes ($6).  My mom uses them on her glasses, her iPad, her Kindle, her phone.  So smart for those of us accustomed to smearing off makeup after a quick phone chat.

+I mentioned this in my most recent sale sweep, but my Mom reminded me of the EPIC-NESS of this deal from Nordstrom on my favorite makeup removing wipes by Arcona.  A pack of two tubs for $45 — and normally, each tub is $35!  She ordered a set or two herself, as she’s a recent convert to the brand.

+Speaking of makeup removal, I was out of both makeup removing wipes and trial size cleansers on this most recent trip (waiting for those Arcona triad pads to arrive in the mail!), so I tried a little vial of this No-Rinse Cleansing Micellar Water by Dior.  I think it’s similar to the Collosol French cleansing water I mentioned a week or so ago.  It’s amazing!  Perfect product for a trip — just apply with some cotton balls and it removes all makeup and tones the skin.  It also smells like heaven.

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