Minimagpie’s Holiday Wardrobe: Planning Ahead for the Holidays.

I know, I know.  It’s July.  And I’m already thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But — ya snooze, ya lose!  I’ve found that often the fancier children’s clothing can take awhile to arrive, or can sell out, or are back-ordered, yadda yadda, so: here we are.  Late July, and I’m already dreaming up her fall-and-winter wardrobe.

So, first things first, Beaufort Bonnet Company just released its fall collection and I’m dying over these precious toy soldier jammies ($62).  I know they’re *technically* for boys, but I think they could work for a little lady, too.  I am actually day-dreaming about all of my nieces and nephews in coordinating pairs, but am not sure my sibs would be down…


Other items on my radar for holiday festivities:

+This hand-smocked gingham bishop dress ($62).  Also love this pumpkin one ($62)!

+More smocking: my favorite Etsy source for smocking is CrimsonCarousel.  The photos in her e-shop do not do these pieces justice!  I’ve received two pieces of hers and they are absolutely exquisite.  (And also much more affordable than most other smocking sources!)  I just ordered this scottie dog-smocked style ($42 — if only it were an Airedale…), but how cute is this plaid one with the rocking horses?!  Or this black watch tartan one with the Christmas geese?

+This precious bow-sleeved white-and-red number ($66), which reminds me of a sweet Swedish-inspired dress I had as a little one.  I specifically recall wearing it to Montessori school when I was a toddler and was asked to dress up as Santa Lucia.  Also from the same company: the most perfect Christmas dress ever ($68).

+This “Every Holiday” dress is genius — it has little tabs you swap out based on the holiday, so it can easily transition from a Thanksgiving dress to a Christmas dress to an Easter dress and so on.  I had to order this.

+Do not miss the Dondolo Fall/Winter sale — so many precious goodies, but lots of them are sold out in most sizes.  I wish they had this or this in minimagpie’s size!  You can’t beat the prices — some marked down from $100 to around $20!

+A pint-sized Chanel-inspired jacket ($49)?!?!?!?  Or how about this itty bitty fair isle (on sale for $44)!?

+More generally, for end-of-summer/early fall, I’ve snapped up a bunch of coordinating sets like this one (on sale for $61 from the lovely La Coqueta — their sale is amazing right now!), which I plan to layer over baby tights ($10 for 3) and under baby cardigans (eyeing these ones from Petit Bateau, these ones from La Coqueta, and — I know, this sounds nuts — this cashmere cable knit one from Ralph.

+I just placed a custom order for a bundle of my favorite hairbows from Poppy Bows in lots of holiday colors and fabrics — everything from green velvet to tartan.  I like to order mini a mix of 3″ and 4″ sized bows, and I really like the headbands for mini right now since she doesn’t have a ton of hair.  The owner is super sweet and will put together a custom package for you if you ping her!

Also, non-holiday, but had to share some sale finds across lots of end-of-season sales:

+Extra 40% off Ralph Lauren’s excellent baby sale — I loveeee this precious sweater and this chambray romper.

+Precious Petit Bateau rain slicker (on sale for $41).

+And a $16 Petit Bateau sailing romper for a baby boy.

+Jacadi two-piece set — this reminds me of Madeline ($55).


  1. Such amazing suggestions! I have a couple of baby girls in my life (though not one of my own — maybe one day!) and these are some of the best suggestions I’ve seen. I think our styles are quite similar. 🙂 Love the CrimsonCarousel suggestion especially — when I was young, my mom’s best friend had a smockery business and I had tons of beautiful hand-smocked dresses. They are quite nostalgic for me!

    1. OOH! I hope your mom saved those smocked dresses — one of my absolute favorite treasures is a smocked bubble I wore as an infant that mini now fits into…!

    2. I believe she did! She is an archivist when it comes to sentimental/high quality baby/child clothing. Now she’s just waiting for grandchildren … !

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