MiniMagpie Finds: The Latest + Greatest Baby Gear.

Dressing a baby girl is pretty much one of the greatest delights of my life.  She’s my little doll.  Today, I thought I’d share two EPIC high-end baby clothing sales I ravaged (?) last weekend:

Dondolo’s Warehouse Sale

Um, get thee to the Dondolo Warehouse Sale.  If you like smocking and jon-jons and all things traditional baby, you are going to D.I.E.  Two standouts for me were this sweet bishop dress (on sale for only $25, down from $75!!) and this gray floral dress (on sale for $24, down from $80!!)  I had to have both.  I think the latter will look lovely in the fall with a little cardigan and some tights.

The Fashion Magpie Baby Bishop Dress The Fashion Magpie Baby Floral Dress

I also died over pieces like this sweet sailor dress (on ridic sale for $18), for older girls.  (And how about this birthday dress, on sale for $20?)

The Fashion Magpie Baby Sailor Dress


Barney’s Sale

I mentioned this while extolling my love for the ditsy floral print, but I’ve found some great baby pieces on serious sale at Barney’s over the last year or so.  I love some of these Baby CZ pieces — like this blue floral two-piece set (on sale for $66) or this more pastel variation (on sale for $46).  Also check out this Stella McCartney kids situation (on sale for $53 and to die for).

The Fashion Magpie Baby CZ Two Piece Set The Fashion Magpie Baby CZ

Also, I forget to mention it in my round-up of my favorite baby sleepwear picks,  but I ordered a set of jams from Barney’s by the brand Livly while on sale a few months ago and it is absolutely precious and seriously well-made, with the softest pima cotton.  This cute balloon print one is on sale for $32, and this one — which comes with a little hat — would make a great baby gift (on sale for $48).

And speaking of sleepwear, if you love Kissy Kissy as much as I do for baby sleepwear, I found this Noah’s Ark print on sale for $19!  And this one is only $9 (?!?!?!) in select sizes!

La Coqueta Sale

Several of my favorite pieces of mini’s come from the Spanish line La Coqueta, and they have a great sale raging R.N.  A few of my favorite finds: this striped romper (on sale for $41) and this ditsy floral set ($62).

2ba_baby_rivas_baby_romper_suit_pink_white_stripes_f pinilla_handmade_smock_set_f_1

Favorite Gear Finds

And, because we all know I’m a gear-a-holic, some favorite new discoveries:

+Mini loves her Sophie the Giraffe toy and reacts the most strongly — out of all of her dozens of books! — to this Sophie the Giraffe peekaboo book.  She’s been into scratching at different surfaces lately, i.e., the pillow-case, her Dad’s shirt, the crinkly sounds in one of her fabric books, etc. — and she even like to run her fingers over the touch-and-feel portions of the book.  I found this rattle version of one of the other characters in the Sophie family and I think she’ll love it ($22).

+Is this play stand mixer ($24) NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER?!  I’ve mentally bookmarked this for multiple upcoming toddler birthdays.  The brand that makes it — Hape — has a whole collection of darling food-oriented wooden toys available.

+I’ve mentioned it in the past, but the BabyZen Yoyo stroller ($420) is kind of incredible.  It is SUPER lightweight and compact (fits into the overhead bin in an airplane, thus solving so many of the traveling-with-stroller gripes I documented in my plans to travel with mini) but has a lot of the amenities of a more full-featured stroller.  I have no reason to need this stroller but it looks amazing and I am kind of geeking out over it.  I think it’d be a great pick for a family in tight quarters in NYC, where storage is always an issue, or a family that travels a lot.

+Mini has been drooling and putting everything in her mouth lately and we just discovered two little white teeth starting to come through her lower gums.  I already got her this highly-reviewed teething toy from Comotomo ($6-$7 depending on color), but this cookie style teether ($7) also seems to be popular.

+Everyone I know has this toy ($11) for their baby.

+OMG, this inflatable duck baby bath ($11)!  Actually kind of a genius idea for travel — just inflate it wherever you end up!  I feel like toddlers would die over this.

+I use a combo of Mustela and Noodle + Boo products for mini, but I’ve heard people go nuts over the Beauty Counter baby line.



  1. That Dondolo site. I’m in love and may have to cut up my credit cards so I don’t buy it all. (I did send it to my mother-in-law though…)

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