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MiniMagpie: 10 Chic Baby Discoveries.

Double post Thursday!  Today I’m starting with my #minimagpie goodness, but I’ve got some non-baby goodies to share later today, so stay tuned:

Even though I mentioned that I’m trying to avoid overbuying for #minimagpie, during many-a-sleepless-night, I have somehow found a trillion things she *needs*.  I’m especially excited about some of the independent vendors creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind, non-mass-produced products, not only because so many of them are ethically, locally made, but also because many of them are the handiwork of entrerprising entrepreneurs (several of them working alongside their husbands!) who saw a need for prettier/better products for their own babies.

Below, 10 amazing recent discoveries.

I’ve read a number of rave reviews of these Gathre leather portable playmats ($70 for midi size, but available in multiple sizes, including  — a micro size perfect for on-the-go diaper changes).

Now THIS is the kind of child product design I can get behind: minimalist, elegant, and in great colors.  I am getting the micro in “rouge” to keep downstairs for changes when we’re not close to our changing table and are feeling lazy.  It also folds up nicely for travel/days out and about.

AND — the kind folks at Gathre are offering you sweet readers 15% off your purchase with code fashionmagpie until February 3rd!  So giddy up!  (Thanks, Gathre team!)

the fashion magpie gathre play mat boxed the fashion magpie gathre playmat


The embroidered goodies from Lainie Bugs are beyond.  I love this ladybug bubble ($37), but these monogrammed bloomers ($29) slay me, too.

I didn’t know I had a wimpy bib game going until I saw the stunning pieces from BillyBibs ($26 apiece).  All of these bibs are hand-made by a husband and wife team (love love love) and are absolutely stunning:

{Images from the BillyBibs Instagram account}

Mini needs one of these ASAP.

The knit onesie pictured above leads me conveniently to my next discovery, Misha + Puff.  How beyond is this little knit situation (on sale for $68)?!  The criss-crossed back!  AH!!

the fashion magpie misha and puff sweater onesie

the fashion magpie misha and puff sweater onesie back


I have ordered several of–and am dying over–the precious bows from Etsy store Ames Olivia, but I also recently discovered and signed up for Little Poppy Co., a subscription bow service founded by two moms.  For $11.99/month, you get three seasonally-appropriate bows (you can pick between headband or clip style, and you can always switch it up down the road).  The three snaps below are of their three February bows.  So adorable!  Plus, a relatively inexpensive way to keep your mini’s wardrobe fresh and up to date without buying tons of new clothes.

{All images from the Little Poppy Co. Instagram account}

Freshly Picked’s infant leather moccasins have been a staple on the baby fashion scene forever (so adorable) — and I received a pair for #minimagpie from a sweet girlfriend of mine.  But I just recently discovered Sweet N Swag, a little indie line of baby shoes that offer similar styles for a fraction of the price ($20/pair!), which makes them a little more reasonable to buy in a few different sizes as the wee one grows.   I also died when I found out that the company was founded by a woman of substance who wanted to raise money to give to a friend who had just lost baby boy (!!!!).  You are so awesome, Shannon.  The store prides itself on being ethically priced and on the fact that their moccasins “actually stay on your baby’s feet.”  I just snagged a pair of their Midas Touch white and gold beauties.  I also love their “Moxford” style shoes ($22/pair) — how adorable are these for a little guy? the fashion magpie sweet n swag pink mocs the fashion magpie sweet n swag pink mocs the fashion magpie sweet n swag pink mocs

Nate Berkus just released an adorable capsule collection for babies at Target.  I don’t know what it is about llamas, but they seem to be having a moment right now (ahem, see my recs for shelfie styling here), and I’m loving this little plush toy ($18) from his collection.  Also love this coordinating crib sheet ($15) and this sweet crocheted turtle rattle ($12).

the fashion magpie nate berkus target baby llama


I just read about the SnoofyBee changing pad ($27), which, in addition to having all of the standard portable changing pad/diaper clutch amenities, also features a barrier to keep mini’s hands out of the way.  I am re-thinking my Skip Hop changing pad in favor of this little guy, which was designed by a married couple with FIVE children!  Love these family-run businesses.

the fashion magpie snoofybee changing pad the fashion magpie snoofybee changing pad

While we ended up going with the Monte Ninna bassinet ($395 — which, as I mentioned here, I managed to score gently-used from another mamacita on Craigslist), I had been considering a Moses basket for mini’s newborn sleeping arrangement.  I have since heard amazing things about the Moba basket ($180), which is incredible breathable and easy-to-clean while also very sturdy.  It also has a chic minimalist/modern design that I gravitated towards.  One mommy blog, Not A Frumpy Mom, featured a full review of it here that may be helpful.

the fashion magpie moba infant moses basket

I was also smitten with the beautiful baskets at Plum + Sparrow ($185 each).  They have such chic colors and really nail the straw-bag-and-embroidery-with-poms fashion vibez that have been all over the place lately.  (The poms!)  Also cool: Plum + Sparrow works with a village of weavers to produce these gorgeous baskets AND have partnered with Every Mother Counts to donate $1 from every sale they make.  Every Mother Counts is a non-profit working to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for moms everywhere.  (Um, total women of substance territory, right?!)  P.S. — If they’re sold out when you check ’em out, they restock every 2 weeks on Fridays at 7 PST!

the fashion magpie plum and sparrow moses basket woven 2 the fashion magpie plum and sparrow moses basket woven 1


And speaking of llamas…one of you darling magpie readers pointed me in the direction of Spearmint Love, and I can’t get over the precious and funky prints on their swaddles and burp clothes–especially this llama-print ($22).

the fashion magpie spearmint love baby swaddle llama

the fashion magpie spearmint love baby swaddle llama

Finally, a few other finds {not pictured above}:

+A lot of moms flip their lids over the Dock-A-Tot (a few of you have recommended this product to me!).  I am so curious about this product, because I snagged the Boppy lounger ($29), which is like one-sixth the price of the Dock A Tot but appears to serve the same function.  I’ve read that the Dock-A-Tot is super sturdy and holds the baby very comfortably and snugly.  But…what else?  Moms, what’s the fuss?

+I love this knit rattle ($16).  Very Missoni.

+A sweet and generous girlfriend of mine (thank you, J!!!) recently surprised me with a few adorable #minimagpie pajamas from the line Janie + Jack, which I’d never heard of before.  BEYOND adorable, and made with such thick, high-quality cotton.  I’m convinced I need this and this for mini’s summer wardrobe, too.


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