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Mini Magpie’s Wardrobe

MY LOVES!  Trying something new: there will be TWO posts today, wut wut!  The first, right here, is about mini’s budding wardrobe.  And for those of you not so into le bebe stuff (I hear ya), tune back in a little later today for my fav micro-trend…

OK so FIRST — have you seen Erin Gates’ nursery closet?  The whole nursery is incredible — it’s sort of the vibe I’m going for: sweet but sophisticated and not overly matchy-matchy-matchy-kidzone.  But that closet!!!  She had the walls of his closet (!!!) done in the coolest faux bois paper from French line Nobilis.  Fit for a king!


So I will admit that I have been quietly, stealthily snapping up little pieces for Mini Magpie’s wardrobe over the last few years.  Not a ton–just select pieces when they were at a price that was too good to pass up, like an Oscar de la Renta baby dress that I found for 70% off, and a pair of D. Porthault bloomers on ridiculous discount at a rare One Kings Lane flash sale, and, once, some Hermes baby towels (glad that purchase is years ago — what an extravagance!).  I have always just assumed I’d have a girl–what a surprise it would have been if this baby were a boy!  I’d have been just as happy, of course, but I will admit that I think I’m cut out for being a girl mom.  At any rate, I’ve been carefully selecting pieces now that a girl is officially on the way.  There are SO many incredible baby clothing boutiques, and I’ve been keeping my eyes out for sales and discounts over the last few months in particular.  A few of my favorite finds to date, including a few snaps I took of her closet (excuse the amateur iPhone photography):

+I am literally dying over every little thing in the Proper Peony store.  I especially love their tulip bubbles ($88) and dresses ($98).  But also — this smocked cherry dress, holy cow!!!  I got Mini Magpie one of the tulip dresses while it was on sale, but may need that cherry dress, too.  The store’s sweet owner, Page, mentioned that their Spring Collection will be out in boutiques in the next few weeks, and up on their site shortly thereafter…I have a feeling I’ll need to snag a few additional pieces for Mini around then.

+I was fortunate to totally clean up at a Jacadi sale in the early fall, and I snagged a bunch of adorable dresses and rompers and even some precious leather mary janes.  My sister also generously sent Mini Magpie a whole bunch of adorable stuff from Jacadi, including this BEYOND corduroy dress and some corduroy bloomers.  OMG.  I am obsessed with this French brand!  They are currently running a great winter sale, but I think this fair isle onesie ($114) would be the perfect cozy thing to bring her to brunch in…

+I pretty much lost my mind over the preciousness of the Spanish line Nanos.  I mean, guys.  I vowed to myself I would not buy ANY more extravagant baby clothes after this purchase, but I had to have this sweet star-print set ($100, also shown above).  I’ve been (I swear!) generally very disciplined about waiting for things to go on sale / getting coupon codes / not getting swept up in the priciest things for her, but this was just beyond.  And also, look at this ($61) and this entire outfit (I DIE).

+I also flipped out over another Spanish line, La Coqueta, and ordered a few things from there, including this knit suit ($69).  Why are these European brands SO freaking adorable??!?


+I loved the whimsical prints of the brand Ouef NYC, and managed to snag one of my favorite prints while on sale!!!  Also love this cherry print (on sale for $48).

+The brand Sapling carries the sweetest organic cotton pajamas and onesie in the most precious prints.  I got her one of these bodysuits ($26) and some of these jammies ($32).

+How cute and happy are these striped cotton pieces ($19) from June + January?!

+This bear-print onesie from Gap ($20) had to happen.

+Monica + Andy holds a special place in my heart because it’s a Chicago-based business founded and run by a woman!  They have an adorable boutique in Lincoln Park and I made the mistake of stumbling in there one afternoon a few weekends ago and got a bunch of pieces at all different sizes, including this and this.  They also sell adorable “cuddle boxes” with a onesie, hat, and blanket that all coordinate, which I have mentally tucked away as a great gift for a friend’s upcoming arrival!

+I know there’s a LOT of pink and purple above — but I’ve also mixed in a few primary color outfits for variety, including this frenchie one piece from Monica + Andy ($28), this scotty-print onesie from UK designer Rachel Riley (on sale for $46!), and a few striped pieces from Scandi designer Polarn O Pyret (on sale for $34).


+I bought a handful of bows from Etsy store Ames + Olivia ($8.50) and they are so so so beautiful.  Very well-made, in the best colors.

I’ve also snagged a handful of little things from Baby Zara (so cute, like THIS!!!), including a cashmere playsuit they had out a few months ago as a part of a capsule cashmere collection.  Cashmere is dumb for a baby, I know.  But, it was such a good price and so freaking adorable.  I know everyone tells you not to overbuy and that babies grow so fast it’s foolish to spend too much money, so — even though the above seems like a ton — I swear I have been veryyyy careful (with the exception of that one Nanos dress) to get things on sale/promotion.  But I just can’t help it!  The cuteness kills me!

I’m currently trying to prevent myself from buying this giraffe playsuit by Little English…ZOMG.  Please go on sale or run out of stock ASAP.

Finally — I bought a set of these baby hangers ($10 for 25) awhile ago and they just make me so happy, hanging in her closet with all her dainty little things.


  1. This is too much cuteness! My very good girlfriend is having a baby, and just found out it’s going to be a girl, so I’m going to pick out a few things from your list to get her! Everything is SO beyond adorable, I am going to go broke buying things for this little lovely. Those frill sleeves onesies by Sapling are definitely going to be purchased, and a few of those adorable bows as well. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Erin Gates’ baby room is amazing, I want Henry’s room to be my bedroom! Speaking of amazing nurseries, I loved the nursery picture you posted on instagram, and I cannot get over the plaid walls. They are incredible. Well done.

    1. You are so lovely, Nicole!! Glad I could help with shopping for this sweet little lady! Let me know if you’re looking for anything in particular. (You can email me at And THANK YOU for the sweet note on the nursery! I am dying over how the wallpaper turned out. I think it was well worth the investment. xoxo

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