Micropost: Hill House Nap Dress Launch.

A new batch of coveted and sure-to-sell-out nap dresses will launch today at 12 EST. I’m posting this early because these dresses sell out in seconds and it has helped me in the past to know exactly what I want, go to the site at the stroke of noon, and order immediately. Sort of a thrilling midday rush TBH…

I’m sharing a screenshot of the line sheet here so you can make your plans, but they are re-releasing their navy, blue botanical print, and bubblegum stripe in the Ellie nap dress, which is probably my favorite style they make (super-flattering, super-comfortable, super-feminine and totally acceptable as a day-time dress). If you are new to nap dress life, I would suggest starting there. They will also be releasing their Caroline nap dress in the bubblegum stripe print, which I already own and LOVE, but personally would probably only wear at home/in backyard (Ellie is more versatile in this sense – can be worn out), and two prints of the Katherine, similar to the Caroline but a shorter length. Finally, for the first time ever, they will have little girl sizes this launch (!) so you can twin with your mini-me (more mommy + me outfit ideas here).

In general, I find all of these dresses are cut generously, so I would take your usual size or even size down. All of these styles are a dream for expecting or nursing mamas — I would take your usual size even with bump just by virtue of the way these dresses are cut.

Happy shopping!

P.S. The elegant, lopsided dance of motherhood.


  1. Ahhh, yes! I was wondering if you would post about this! I just purchased my 6th nap dress (and feel kind of insane admitting that) — the Ellie in navy! I think it’s so classic and will work for a variety of situations. I hesitated for a moment because I also have the Ellie in black, but I wear so much navy (and sometimes feel that it looks a bit softer with my coloring) that I figured it was justified. Haha!


    1. Totally justified! Fellow six-nap-dress owner and I honestly have no regrets. I wear these dresses close to nightly (!) around the house — I often change out of my “day clothes” and slip into one of these for cocktail hour / dinner / bedtime routines. Well worth the money!


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