Magpie Musts: Spring Edition

It’s been a long while since I ran one of these bad-boys, but it’s about time I revisited, if only to lend provisional structure to my “things I like today” posts.  So: here goes.  Looks, trends, products that are on my radar this spring.

I was just as leery of this trend as the next body-conscious fashionista when it first surfaced on the runways.  Who wants volume right at the hips?!  It seemed counter-intuitive, and almost as stupid as the whole pajama trend.  (EwGag.  And are you serious?!  I love you, Hanneli, but come on!  You look like a jailbird.) But then there were these visions:

(PSST.  Love the pink Jason Wu dress above?  You can snag it here for a casual $3K.  NBD.)  And then I started taking cues from street-savvy fashionistas…

UM, yeah.  Talk about a dramatic/cool silhouette.  Loves.  I’m going to invest (lightly) in the trend with this affordable eyelet topper ($59, PiperLime)…but this fun little romp of a dress caught my eye as well (Lilly, $198, Neiman’s).  I love that the peplum is on a small/manageable scale.


Alternately, how fresh are these tops from Marc by Marc Jacobs ($258, Shopbop)?!


Mr. Magpie and I enjoyed a lovely date night (pre-dinner champagne + dinner + movie) on Saturday, and it was super fun to get all dolled up for the occasion.  I decided to test-drive a look I’ve been seeing a lot lately — hot pink lips.

So, I debuted my new YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Fuchsia Innocent ($30, Barney’s), and — much to my surprise — Mr. Magpie loved it.  He usually doesn’t like a lot of loud makeup, so I was a little surprised/thrilled by this discovery.

Just take a look at the lovely, glamorous Olivia P. to understand where I’m coming from with this one:

Sigh.  And, um, I love you, Rebecca Minkoff.  You just keep getting better and better, don’t you?  Thanks for recently dipping into the sunglasses market, because I’m smitten with every style you’ve released, but most notably the Bedford ($230, Shopbop).

No, not real-life revenge.  I’m talking about the deliciously outlandish and dramatic ABC series, which I inconveniently (or conveniently, depending on how you look at time spent watching trashy tv) stumbled upon while traveling for work, and have found myself obsessively watching on my iPad, late at night when I should be sleeping.


My girlfriends and I get together almost once a week for a wine + sninner night.  (Sninner = snack dinner, aka the bane of Mr. Magpie’s existence.  He needs a full, well-rounded meal.)  One of the best recent discoveries was a delightful little pairing of a wedge of manchego with a smear of membrillo (quince paste) atop a cracker.  O.M.G.  So delish.  (P.S. — do you love the monogrammed cocktail napkin?  Get your own here for $10 a pop.)

Mr. Magpie and I are big time cocktail lovers, but I must admit to a flavor-of-the-month tasting personality when it comes to them.  I’m the type of person who finds, falls in love with, and then promptly exhausts and retires something — whether it be a new favorite song, a piece of jewelry, or a cocktail.  (I’m getting dangerously close to the “exhaust and retire” phase for Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.”  So.delicious.)  Mr. Magpie mocks me relentlessly on this flaw of mine.  But then he totally enables it because he’s an incredibly talented and dedicated mixologist — he infuses his own liquors, has made his own soda, and cares about little things like finding the best tonic water out there to make the ultimate G+T (in case you’re wondering, it’s Fever Tree tonic).  Further, if you ever come by for cocktails chez Magpie, your drink will never go unadorned — Mr. Magpie loves a nice garnish.  At any rate, my latest cocktail favorite is what I’ve taken to calling the Mr. Magpie Muddle.  It’s basically a margarita but with the limes all muddled up at the bottom and only a touch of sweetener.  Super tart, super delicious…and super potent.  (Straws pictured below are available on the cheap here.)

My mouth is sort of watering right now…

I’m proud of my adventurousness with nail colors this year.  I finally deviated from my classic orangey-red standbys (Escapades and Geranium) and have tested out everything from lilac to, yes, the darker hues.  But my favorite out-of-the-box color is Essie’s Marshmallow ($8, Nordstrom).  It looks stark white in the bottle, but it comes out this lovely, very polished (hehe, pun intended) hue that lends a little glam elegance to any look.

How amazing are these bad boys from BaubleBar?!  $36.  Done and done.

Welcome, spring!  What are your musts for this season?!



  1. Natalie! OMG, just clicked over to your bloglet and am HOOKED. What a great eye you have…consider me a reader!

    Also, glad we’re on the same page about Revenge. It’s too, too delicious.

  2. Seriously obsessed with this little love-list, I must try that lipstick! And yes to Revenge — I am a little late to the game but catching up on episodes in my spare time. Fabulous post as always, Jen!

  3. I’m so excited you’ve discovered manchego and membrillo!! Ever since my summer in Spain it’s been a tradition for my grandfather and I to indulge in that treat every time I go home

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