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+I’m currently reading this, which is sooooo 2014 but I never read it and had lots of friends tell me how hilarious it was, because I needed something light and airy to read alongside this, which is currently scaring the bejesus out of me, especially when I’m reading it late at night while nursing mini.  (P.S.  All of my September book picks.)  

+I took a gamble and bought a flat of Ice Mountain’s Sparkling Water at Costco instead of my favorite La Croix.  Never again.  They are cloyingly sweet.  And now I have 1230 bottles of it.  Word to the wise.

+Do any of you read Mackenzie Horan’s blog?  She just got married and I am swooning over all the details from her wedding — I especially loved her wedding dress, which reminded me of something Jackie O. might have worn.  (Also, would you change anything about your wedding day?)

+I own this shirt in several colors and was SO excited J. Crew brought it back this year!  I need that army green hue.  Love all the pieces they resurrected from their archives.

+I was pretty underwhelmed by Olivia Palermo’s latest collection for Banana Republic.  Is anyone else feeling like the trumpet/bell-sleeved top is getting a littttttle over-played?  It’s sort of like the off the shoulder blouse of the summer.  WE GET IT.  I mean, I’m still wearing these trends, but I’m starting to feel like there’s too much of a glut of merchandise in this lane…

+We just discovered the Amazon Prime show Goliath and are hooked.  I excitedly texted my bestie, and she responded, coolly: “Psssh, that’s so six months ago.” HAHA!  We are so out to lunch over here…

+I baked these ginger molasses scones last weekend, at the first sign of fall, and they were ridiculously delicious.  The description is accurate: “basically my excuse to eat gingerbread for breakfast.”

+My parents in law are driving up for Thanksgiving and I am already daydreaming about the holiday, the tablescape, the menu…last year we put out this puzzle and I have the fondest memory of a pregnant me sitting on a stool, sipping tea, in a huge cozy sweater, with the fire going, putting it together for hours.  I also got excited thinking about ordering a fall wreath for the front door…

Pick No. 1: The Blouson Sleeve Sweater

Remember my obsession with that Ulla Johnson blouson sleeve sweatshirt?  (Still waiting for it to go on sale…)  These roomy sweaters by Leith ($69) in cozy heathered colors are calling my name in the interim.  Perfect with jeans and mules.

The Fashion Magpie Leith Blouson Sleeve Sweater Gray


The Fashion Magpie Leith Blouson Sleeve Sweater

Pick No. 2: The Suede Bow Sandal

How adorable are these $148 suede bow sandals?!  Perfect transition shoe, and they look far more expensive than they are.  In fact, they kind of look like the kind of thing that would go with any of those Ulla Johnson inspired pieces I wrote about earlier this week…

The Fashion Magpie Avec Les Filles Bow Sandal The Fashion Magpie Avec Les Filles Bow Sandal 2

Pick No. 3: The Cherry Bombe Cookbook

I’ve already pre-ordered this cookbook ($23), scheduled for release in early October: described as “recipes and stories from 100 of the most creative and inspiring women in food today,” including Christina Tosi of MilkBar, my beloved Chrissy Teigen, and Molly Yeh, whom many of you recommended to me!  (If you’ve not yet, check out the comments on my roundup of the best cookbooks out there for additional cookbook inspo!)

The Fashion Magpie Cherry Bombe


Pick No. 4: Cherry Earrings

Speaking of cherries, I’ve had my eye on this fun pair of cherry earrings from Rebecca De Ravenel for a long while (shown in a different colorway in the snap at the top of this post).  I found these less expensive Kate Spade beauties ($58) that might scratch the itch for less, though!

The Fashion Magpie Cherry Earrings


Pick No. 5: Cherry Striped Tee

I guess there must be something in the ether when it comes to cherries right now, because I also spotted this inexpensive striped tee ($15) with a cute cherry emblem on the breast and wanted it immediately.


Pick No. 6: The Statement Red Sweater

OMG, this Altuzzurra sweater ($1,290) is the stuff of DREAMS I tell you.  I love a statement piece like this — all you need are your favorite jeans and flats and you still look like the chic-est lady in the room BY A MILE.  If that price point ain’t happening, try this cheery red balloon-sleeved style from TopShop for $75 instead!

The Fashion Magpie Altuzzurra Red Sweater

Pick No. 7: The Gucci Bag

I do not need a new bag.  I do not need a new bag.  I do not need a new bag.

But I really really really want this one ($1,980).

The Fashion Magpie Gucci Bag Navy The Fashion Magpie Gucci Bag Red

Pick No. 8: The Artful Playing Cards

We play a lot of card games with my parents in law, and they’ll be coming up for Thanksgiving — I would love to up the ante on our card playing with a set of these adorable playing cards from Peeps Paper Products ($30).  The Chesapeake Bay set speaks to my roots!  (I first heard about this paper company when I came across their lustworthy baby book at The Tot.)

The Fashion Magpie Peeps Playing Cards 1 The Fashion Magpie Peeps Playing Cards 2 The Fashion Magpie Peeps Playing Cards 3

Pick No. 9: The Mesh Laundry Bag

Remember the wool and cashmere shampoo I talked about last weekend?  The instructions on the back suggest that you can actually wash many cashmere/wool pieces on a delicates cycle in the washing machine if you place it in a mesh bag.  Um, hallelujah.  I feel like I’m doing nothing when I hand wash.  I am ordering this set ($15 for 2).  This less expensive set ($7 for set of 5) also got good reviews.

The Fashion Magpie Laundress Mesh Laundry Bags


The Fashion Magpie Wool Cashmere Shampoo

Pick No. 10: The Sweater Dress

Ganni is SLAYING IT lately (like half of the items on my fall wishlist are by them!).  I just came across this flounce-y sweater dress ($225) and think it looks like the most comfortable, cozy thing I’ve ever seen.

The Fashion Magpie Ganni Cashmere Dress



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  1. LOVE Cherry Bombe and am so excited for their cookbook! I have it on my list as well.

    Those ginger-molasses scones look amazing! Thanks for posting the recipe 🙂

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