Les Best Scented Hand Soaps.

I am sure many of us have gone through a lot more hand soap in 2020 than ever before.

At our kitchen sink, I nearly always have Mrs. Meyer’s liquid hand soap. It is inexpensive, nicely and not overpoweringly perfumed, and the perfect viscosity for cutting through hands soiled with meat juice or oil. We cook so much (and therefore wash our hands so frequently at the kitchen sink) that putting anything more expensive at the kitchen tap feels wanton. I like that they come out with seasonal scents like peony and peppermint, too. I find the Mrs. Meyers scents more sophisticated than those of most other widely available, reasonably-priced hand soaps.

For our bathrooms, my favorite scents are:




All three of these will for sure leave you casually sniffing your hands in the aftermath of a cleanse.

I did just discover that Oribe makes hand soap — if you know their haircare products (I swear by their volumizing shampoo and conditioner), you know just how unbelievable their signature scent is. I don’t love the dispenser it comes in (such a petty admission!), but no worries — easy to decant into a marble soap dispenser (look for less with this). Might try this next.

By the front door, we always keep a hand sanitizer pump, and I love Megababe’s formula. Not drippy, dries quickly, and has a much less alcohol-forward scent than most.

Finally, a few super chic hand towels: gorgeous applique monogrammed styles from Lettrefina, white with pretty scalloped trim (available in a bunch of colors), a reasonably priced jacquard bordered style, and my secret source: World Market. I have always had good luck there! I used these in my powder room for many years and I also love the spa-like simplicity of these woven ones.

P.S. A picnic at home and an exhaustive roundup of my favorite home products.


  1. I discovered Aesop hand soap at Dante in New York. I had the most luxe hand washing experience there, that I made my mom stop at Aesop the next day for a bottle.

    1. Hi! The same thing happened to me — a friend of mine had that soap in her house and I could not stop obsessing over the smell. I ordered a bottle the minute I got home. It’s pricey but it does last awhile! xx

  2. Ooh, I love Mrs. Meyer’s for a standby, workhorse-style hand soap. I tend to buy it for the bathroom as well as the kitchen, but I love the idea of trying a more luxe option there as well. I’ve tried the Aesop and Malin + Goetz recs before and both are lovely! Also intrigued by the Oribe … I love their hair products.

    Also, have been eyeing the Megababe hand sanitizer — glad to hear that you like it! My Target just started stocking Megababe products (though they don’t sell the hand sanitizer yet) and I was so excited to see that.


    1. Yes! It’s great — even Mr. Magpie prefers it to the other hand sanitizers we’ve had. xx

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