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Le Latest.

Guys, I’ve been in a splurge-y mood lately.  (Gulp.)  There are so many items on my lust list right now — below, Le Latest.

Pick No. 1: The Statement Top

How fabulous is this statement top?!  Love the idea of pairing this with my favorite skinnies, a bold red lip, and some great heels.  Easy, fashion-forward genius.  The best part?  The shirt is under $50!  Very Johanna Ortiz.  If you are after more great deals, check out my sale sweep section.

The Fashion Magpie Asymmetric Statement Top

Pick No. 2: The New Shades

OBSESSED with these Le Specs shades ($69).  Just ordered them in the black and may also need them in the tortoise!

The Fashion Magpie Le Specs Sunglasses

Pick No. 3: The New Bedding

I’ve mentioned chic bedding line House Hill Home before on the blog, but I only recently took a closer look at their wares when I realized the monograms on the pillow shams have become a bit unraveled and messy looking owing to heavy use of late (I’m always balling up pillows and leaning against them while breastfeeding!).  I really wanted to order a pair of their Savile pillows (shown below with the black trim, $130 for set of two — so tidy!  so elegant!  so European!), but black would really clash with our predominantly gray-with-pops-of-lavender situation in our bedroom, and white was sold out.  I’m now contemplating a set of their Waverley pillows with the cornflower blue trim or maybe just the plain white trim.  I’m also on the fence about what to embroider on the pillows — they have so many creative ideas!  Mr. and Mrs.?  Mr. Shoop and Mrs. Shoop?  Jen and Landon?  Decisions, decisions…

The Fashion Magpie House Hill Home Bedding

THe Fashion Magpie House Hill Home

hhh_I_can_t_go_out_066_1024x1024 hhh_waverly_collection_217_copy_1024x1024

Pick No. 4: Open-Weave Sweater

This open-weave neutral sweater is the sort of staple classic that is rather boring to buy, but will see a ton of use — and it’s on sale for $39!  I’m imagining throwing it on with my white distressed denim skinnies on a cooler evening.

The Fashion Magpie Anthropologie Cream Open Weave Sweater 1

The Fashion Magpie Anthropologie Cream Open Weave Sweater 2

Pick No. 5: The French Skin Cleanser

Have you guys heard all the buzz about the milky French skin cleanser, Collosol?  Apparently it’s a French pharmacy classic and cult favorite — Karl Lagerfeld reportedly uses a full bottle of it every time he takes a bath?! — and has only recently become available for purchase in the U.S. ($28).  I’m very intrigued…and P.S., more new beauty finds, and, speaking of Les Francais, some reflections on my beloved Paris.

The Fashion Magpie Collosol French Secret The Fashion Magpie Collosol

Pick No. 5: The New Pert Plus.

I love the styling of this new shampoo-and-conditioner-in-1: it reminds me of my middle school years in more ways than one.  Also supposedly amazing.

The Fashion Magpie IGK Shampoo


Pick No. 6: The Hermes Leather Bracelet.

My mom gave me a classic Hermes wrap bracelet for my birthday a few years ago — it’s a classic that layers well with so many other pieces.  I’m considering adding another to my stack, and Real Real carries a bunch of gently used ones at a decent price: I love this white one ($245) or this blue one ($395).


The Fashion Magpie Hermes Kelly Bracelet The Fashion Magpie Hermes Kelly Bracelet

Pick No. 7: The Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate.

I read in a recent edition of Town + Country that one well-appointed interior designer stocks her guest bedrooms with these Santa Maria Novella terracotta pomegranates ($69 each), describing them as “transformative.”  It’s apparently soaked in the old Italian label’s signature scent and it slowly releases the fragrance into the air over time, gently perfuming the room.  I need to give this a try as an alternative to keeping candles lit all over the place!  Also: what a chic and luxurious hostess gift. The Fashion Magpie Santa Marie Novella Pomegranate

Pick No. 8: The Embroidered Button-Down.

Speaking of embroidered goodies (ahem, those damn chic pillowcases above!), I have my eye on of these adorable “bonjour” embroidered button-downs from Maison Labiche (on sale for $79 in limited sizes here; more sizes available here).


Also — Smallable carries a fairly extensive collection of embroidered Maison Labiche goodies for the wee ones.  How perfect is this striped tee embroidered with “Enfant Terrible” (on sale for $40)?!?!?!  Also love this “Bubble Gum” sweatshirt, and this striped “Bonjour” onesie.



Pick No. 9: The Frothy LWD.

I bought this Ulla Johnson dress (on sale for $354) for minimagpie’s upcoming Baptism.  I just felt white was appropriate for the day.  I’ll accent with pearls and pink.  But, for those who missed out on the Ulla style, I also found this lookalike H+M dress for $79!

The Fashion Magpie Ulla Johnson Vera Dress


The Fashion Magpie HM Eyelet Dress

Pick No. 10: The Gingham Midi.

Still obsessing over the midi length RN.  More inspo, especially of the gingham variety:

The Fashion Magpie Midi Skirt 1

The Fashion Magpie Midi Skirt 2

The Fashion Magpie Midi Skirt 3

I’ll be recreating with this $95 gingham skirt.  Please and thank you.







  1. OMG … love the Maison Labiche picks! Smallable is my favorite destination for children’s gear in Paris … such a cute space. They also have a small selection of clothes for women, too — I got a great cotton gauze midi skirt there (it’s a size 16 ans, but works!) and a pair of fun, glittery socks.

    I am equally enamored of the midi skirt this season and have a black & white gingham version that’s my favorite! We’re on the same wavelength, clearly.

    Your dress for mini’s baptism is so gorgeous!

    1. AHHH I am obsessed with Smallable — their baby bedding in particular is so chic! AND, re: minimagpie’s Baptism dress, I am so sad because the Ulla Johnson dress arrived and I was swimming in it, so I had to return it 🙁 I decided to go for the H+M bow-shouldered dress I’ve been blabbing on about: Now I’m waiting for its arrival to see if IT will fit. If not…boooooo!

    2. Oh no! Too bad about the Ulla Johnson … but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the other dress works! Love the bow shoulders.

    3. MK, it arrived just yesterday and it is LOVELY! I’m wearing it! xoxo

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