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Le Headband Trend.

I am loving the headband trend so much right now. It started with my Lele Sadoughi pearl-embellished style (get the look for less with this $15 steal), which I’ve worn a TON, and then I added this inexpensive silk-like one and this denim one to the mix. I love that they can update even the simplest of looks — a tee and jeans, an old sweater, an unfussy dress. Perfection. I’ve recently taken a liking to the thick padded headbands (90s redux) that first appeared on the runways at Prada and Alessandra Rich (seen below) this past season but took me a minute to warm up to. I love the O.G. from Prada, but this $48 version is much more comfortable on the wallet for such a fleeting trend. Other more affordable options: this simple black style, this ombre Lele, these inexpensive Etsy ones, and this Chanel-esque tweed.

For the bold at heart: LOVE this embellished velvet style I found on Etsy, which looks like it could be Prada, or this dramatic pearl style, which takes major notes from Kaia Gerber’s strut down Givenchy’s runway!

If you’re leery of the proportions (I will say Lele headbands and many of the other styles featured above are a bit on the oversized/dramatic side), try this floral style I gifted my mom for mother’s day. Though the print is spiffy, the size is not as dramatic as many of the ones I own. And if you like the padded look, consider this $12 find, which also bears a lower profile!

If you like the Lele look but aren’t sure about pearl embellishment, I love this simple white silk style or this classic black one, and many of the styles from British brand Born in the Sun.

And, if you’re a true classicist, you can’t go wrong with this tortoise-shell style.

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  1. I’m SO glad headbands are making a return! It’s just the easiest way in the world to look classic and put-together … QUICK. I am always running late for work. A few classic headbands (I have a tortoise one similar to the one you’ve linked here) to choose from, and I shave much needed time off my morning rush to get ready.

  2. I recently splurged on the LeLe turquoise beaded headband. It is gorgeous in person! You buy one and you just can’t stop. The leopard and hot pink went into the cart.

  3. I used to have a black grosgrain version of the simple black knotted Lele headband (from J.Crew, though) β€” and I can’t find it anywhere! It’s driving me nuts, because I really want to wear it. In the meantime, I scooped up a Liberty-print knot headband, also from J.Crew, that looks cute with the white/blue/pink tones of my spring wardrobe. πŸ™‚ xo

    1. Ooh, I know the exact Liberty print one you’re talking about and LOVE it. So cute!! I hate when things like that go missing though :/ xx

    2. Me too, it bothers/distracts me so much! Maybe because I’m generally (touch wood) good at not losing things… xx

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