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Lawn Games.

My sister is visiting me from London.  As a former and longtime Manhattanite, she’s been feeling all the feels experiencing her old home turf as an outsider, an expatriate.  “You have to be tough here,” she said in head-shaking disbelief after a nasty run-in with a grouchy cabbie and my encounter with a pickpocket (more on that later).  She then said something that has stuck with me: that in the middle parts of the city — the inland bits — she has always felt claustrophobic, always straining her neck to catch a glimpse of green (grass, trees) or blue (water, sky).  The thought lingered with me, making me simultaneously grateful to have Central Park so close by, and also curious as to how long Mr. Magpie and I will stay in the city.  I can’t imagine leaving it — for the first time in maybe forever I feel comfortable and settled and disinclined to ponder “the next step” — but a little cluster of question marks has sprouted up in the recesses of my mind, imagining what life would be like with more green space at our avail…

This line of inquiry was potentially influenced by the discovery of some pitch-perfect pieces for an evening al fresco, complete with lawn games and cocktails…

I just ordered this maxi skirt (EPIC) to coordinate with J. Crew (EPIC X 2).  The perfect casual backyard look.

Alternately — this was MEANT to be worn with barefeet!

A croquet set!

Melamine plates in a chic chinoiserie print.  (I’m actually thinking of ordering their dip bowls for mini in lieu of kiddie bowls!  So chic…and unbreakable!)  These are also super fun (and inexpensive!)

Love these for toting/serving pasta salad, fruit cup, etc.

A rolling cooler in a chic vintage green color.

A cabana striped outdoor sofa (LOVE).

Elegant outdoor planters.

French bistro chairs.

A dramatic hanging rattan chair  (so fun).

For kiddos: a teepee from RRR or in a chic cabana stripe.  Or can you imagine the joy of having this as a kid?!  Separately, I’ve heard those Little Tikes water tables are a big hit with little ones, but something of an eyesore.  While I’ve largely given up on this battle, this would be a helluva lot more goodlooking as a permanent backyard fixture!

Also for minis — a little garden tool set!

Mosquito wipes!

A super chic inflatable pool for minis (or bigs).

The chicest string lights — Mr. Magpie bought a bunch of sets of these and strung them up in our backyard in Chicago.  I adored them.

A stately planter.

P.S.  These musings brought this to mind.

P.P.S.  What my hometown feels like to me.

P.P.P.S.  What’s your perfect day look like?



  1. Ooh, this makes me want to finish decorating our tiny tiny yard. I wanted to get it done before the summer happened (which obviously didn’t happen – still trying to figure out what to do for a pergola so we have some shade) – but at least luckily we have good weather nearly year-round here! We do have an eyesore of a water table, but the baby loves it so I’m just dealing with it. I love that inflatable pool though, and do plan on stringing up a teepee when she gets a little older! And if we level out our yard, I’m hoping to be able to find room for a hammock too – any ideas for a chic one?

    1. Hi Jen! So fun to imagine outfitting a backyard…I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a good hammock!! xo

  2. Lovely to think of lawn games on the first day of summer! You are indeed fortunate to have Central Park at your fingertips — something tells me you won’t take this period of life for granted!

    I love that J.Crew set and the Faithfull dress you chose. I’ve been eyeing a rainbow-striped midi/maxi skirt by MDS Stripes (at Net-A-Porter) — would be perfect for summer, but I don’t know if it’s too TOO. Thoughts?!

    1. I may be the wrong person to ask — I don’t think anything is TOO TOO. I love MDS Stripes! I say go for it! xo

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