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Lately, Inspired By…

A couple of photos I’ve come across on Instagram and Pinterest that have inspired me lately…starting with the stunning tennis court shot above, which reminds me of a lazy summer morning.  It also reminded me that, a few summers ago, I took tennis lessons, bought a bundle of tennis clothing, and had Mr. Magpie buy me a tennis racket, and absolutely none of it’s been put to use since.  Maybe I’ll ferret out an instructor here in Manhattan…after all, I’d love an excuse to wear this or this, or to splurge on one of these.

The Fashion Magpie Cocktails Alone

Every now and then, I ask our nanny to stay an hour late and I run across the street to a wine bar for a glass of wine or a cocktail and an hour of reading my kindle — solo.  It is an indulgent kind of heaven for me.  I shared what I’m reading right now / planning to read soon here, but do you know what I always want to re-read when I go on these excursions?  Rebecca, by Daphne DuMaurier, an eerie but romantic mystery novel set in a gorgeous mansion.  It feels like just the kind of escapism I need…

The Fashion Magpie De Gournay Bedding

This bedroom is so EXTRA, I can’t even.  I love the designer’s borderline reckless use of elaborate and intricate color, shape, pattern, the semi-jarring contrast of a stately, masculine, marble-topped side table against the lush, vintage-looking velvet headboard.  It’s layered and busy but also sophisticated.  I especially love the De Gournay wallpaper and the Cologne and Cotton bedding, and that palm leaf lamp base had me scouring Etsy for lookailkes (I love this — imagine it with a crisp white lampshade!  Epic!).  If nothing else, maybe I should finally pull the trigger on those Aquazzura for De Gournay shoes I’ve lusted after for a year or more, or the Waverley bedding set I’ve mentioned at least 245 times, or maybe this set of De Gournay-inspired melamine plates (swoon!).

The Fashion Magpie Hamptons

This snap makes me excited for our upcoming trip to the Hamptons (I described my imagined perfect day there), even though I don’t think the photo above is actually of the Hamptons.  I love the climbing lilac (what is it with me and lilac?!) and can almost feel the heat of the sun on the steps as I run down them barefoot, with Tilly at my heels.  It’s summer, in a picture.  (Only I’d probably be wearing something like this.)

The Fashion Magpie LWD

Speaking of what to wear in the summer, I have a small to mid-sized problem with white dresses. I own about 324 of them and have no intention of attending to the addiction.  I mean — how easy, how chic, how perfect does the beachy blond above look?!  A few others on my radar: this, this, this, and this.  I also love the oversized, label-less straw tote…something like this might suffice.

The Fashion Magpie Dramatic Style

I think I am going to invest in a dramatic sunhat this year.  I’ve had my eye on a Pamela Munson for a long while, but it’s now sold out.  I also love this grosgrain one (so stylish!), this Eugenia Kim, and this elegant but affordable $58 steal!

The Fashion Magpie Hunting Season Bag

I recently discovered the label Hunting Season and am dying for one of their raffia and lizard shoulder bags.  Love the retro shape and the colors couldn’t be more up my alley.  Yes, please!

The Fashion Magpie Foral Dress

Among my sea of white dresses, I’ll always have space for a couple of splashy, patterned standouts — I love the print of the Rhode Resort dress above, though I prefer it in this cha-cha-cha dress shape.  (And I wouldn’t mind the view either.)  Similarly smitten with the colorful Borgo de Nor pieces I mentioned last week (<<I also include a couple of dresses to get the look for less!)!

The Fashion Magpie Tuscany

Mr. Magpie and I just committed to a trip to Tuscany with family next summer!  I am over the moon — it’s been way too long since we went on a sustained trip somewhere.  Is it too early to start shopping for it?!  I am definitely going to read this book by Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef behind celebrated NYC restaurant Prune (and I think Mr. Magpie is taking me there for my birthday later this month!)  A friend of mine recommended it after I mentioned our trip to Tuscany, as apparently Hamilton had a magical experience there as well.  I’m already imagining myself in summery, ladylike shirtdresses like this, this, and this.  Maybe a pair of simple braided slides?  And a new Marysia suit?  (The house we’ll be renting in Tuscany has a pool!!!!)  But mainly I’d love to wear this sophisticated, printed kaftan

P.S.  This would make an incredible gift for a hostess with a green thumb!

P.P.S.  Just found this darling polka dot dress on sale in my size!  SCORE!


  1. Tennis is totally a sport that you can return to again & again in life — that’s the beauty of it! (Love tennis gear, too!)

    I’ve never read Rebecca but it’s been on my to-do list forever! Sounds like a beautiful diversion, and I love your practice of escaping to a wine bar for an hour of uninterrupted reading. Sounds like heaven!

    1. Yes yes yes — add Rebecca! I wonder if it will hold up; I read it as a freshman in high school and was obsessed. A big gap between the 13-year-old Jen and the 33-year-old Jen…

  2. Excellent reminder to re-read “Rebecca”! I just wrapped up Ruth Ware’s latest, “The Death of Mrs Westaway” – fantastic British Gothic mystery, with a looming sense of foreboding and dread – highly recommend. I thought her “The Woman in Cabin 10” was overrated, but really got into this one.

    1. Oooo — YES. I can get down with some Ruth Ware, though I agree on your assessment of “Cabin 10.” Smeh. I was especially disappointed because I’d just read Shari LaPena’s “Couple Next Door,” which was far more thrilling and twisty/turny. Thanks for the suggestion — added to my list! xo

  3. Highly recommended reading before Tuscany– War in the Val d’Orcia. I’m still heartbroken we didn’t visit La Foce while we were there. Also an AMAZING wine region– we visited Donatella Cinelli Colombini– it’s entirely run by women!

    1. So cool! Thanks, Regan! I added this to my amazon reading list and have made a note about the women-run winery! xo

  4. Oh, Rebecca. Such a good one. “Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again…” I’ve read it probably a dozen times and I agree – such a great vessel to escape to another time!

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