The Fashion Magpie Jumpsuit Street Style 1

Jumping Off the Deep End.

Hi pretties — Two little notes:

  1.  Some of you may have noticed my blog has been looking a little wonky in certain browsers this week.  I’m working on it, and please excuse it in the meantime.  [Grumble, grumble.]
  2. Also, I typically post minimagpie stuff on Thursdays, but I’m a little off schedule this week, so please forgive me!  I’m just going freeform these days…feeling a little off my game since I’m normally TRES organized, but this is where we are.  In the meantime, focusing on finding little slices of joy everyday to keep myself positive.  This blog is actually an enormous slice of joy.  More like a whole pie of joy.  (?)  So thank you for giving me this outlet.  I love shopping late at night when I’m feeding minimagpie and trying to keep my eyes open.  I also am really obsessed (dangerously obsessed, some might say) with scanning Shopbop’s New Arrivals pretty much errryday.  So many good things.  For example, um, THIS DRESS.  (Part of the current sale, BTW.  More of my sale picks here.)  Also, this similar dress — holy crap, that gorgeous lilac color!!!  OBSESSED.  And, these earrings!!!  Especially in the black.

But, onward.

I mentioned this recently, but I’ve been a wee bit intimidated by the wide leg jumpsuit styles I’ve seen all over the place, but have gradually realized how stylish I think they are.  I mean…

The Fashion Magpie Jumpsuit Street Style 1

Can I be this woman?  (Who is this woman?  And is she pretending to read her iPhone or is she legitimately caught in the moment by a street style photog?)  She’s clearly French or Italian.  Who else would pair this midi-length jumpsuit with simple white Supergas and a low chignon and look incredible doing it?  #Inspired.

(Also, if I am wearing joveralls on the reg, why the hell can’t I try this trendlet?)

+My top pick is this pair from Ulla Johnson, though, admittedly, it’s more on the side of the joveralls trend than the jumpsuit trend.  The width of the leg is so interesting to me.  And those shoulder ties!

+This Ganni style comes in at a close second — LOVE the pinafore style, and, of course, the khaki coloring (I’ve covered my current obsession with khaki already.)

+J. Crew weighs in on the trend.  Love the flounced neckline and, hello, SEERSUCKER.

+Love this floral print style, too, which sort of eases you into the trend because it honestly looks more like a dress.

+Utilitarian-chic from Gap.

+Crisp and tailored — you could basically wear this to work…

+Possibly the most elegant jumpsuit ever.  You can get the look for less with this affordable style.

+Striped breeziness.  I wanna wear this on a trip to the beach with a big straw hat.

+The Reformation always has amazing, on-trend pieces, and this jumpsuit is no exception.

+Simplicity in navy.  Love the halter neck on this baby.

+For the fearless: this black and white graphic print is affordable and can be incredibly chic if carefully styled.  (Keep accessories to a minimum and pair with huge black shades.)



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