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It’s a Beaut, Clark.

A) You should know that I absolutely love “Christmas Vacation.”***

B)  The title of this post is lifted from that movie.  (Ahem.)

C)  Is it time to watch Christmas movies yet.

D)  Is it wrong that when minimagpie was not so happy being strapped into her carseat for the 39898th consecutive hour of car time that I started singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs, in part to distract her and in part to appease my own frazzled nerves?  Oddly enough, the first carol that came to mind was “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” a rather grim-sounding tune hearkening back to cold December mornings in the hallways of my parochial Catholic school, where we’d cluster around a patchy, sad-looking Advent wreath to light the candles every morning in the weeks leading up to Christmas, shivering in bare legs and scratchy wool kilts and mumbling the words to this tune.  Nothing bleaker than the sweet sound of the voices of six year olds muddling their way through a tune in a minor key, using words well beyond their ken (“ransom captive”?)

E)  But also, I kind of love that song?

F)  Is it Christmas yet.

***The best Christmas movie is, obviously, Home Alone.

Setting these untimely thoughts aside, the real inspiration for this post is a major beauty product run I indulged in earlier this week while staying with my parents in D.C., until the entire move nightmare is sorted out.  About 7/8ths of my beauty products are currently living on a truck somewhere in Upstate New York, and I ran out of my travel/sample-sized face cream, mascara, and concealer and needed to re-up.  Below, the products I stocked up on:

Beauty Pick No. 1: The Shock Mascara

I know I featured this in my last beauty roundup, and I’m sorry if you’re tired of hearing me talk about this stuff BUT IT IS LIQUID GOLD.  (Er, liquid black?)  YOU MUST TRY IT.  It seriously approximates the look of lash extensions, and I love me some eyelash extensions.  (If only they weren’t so damaging to the lash line…)  I bought another full tube of this stuff and am living in it.  Extra goopy and black and dramatic, just the way I like it.  I’m typically on the more natural side of makeup, but when it comes to lashes, AMP IT UP PLS AND THANK YOU.

The Fashion Magpie YSL The Shock Mascara

Beauty Pick No. 2: The Secret Brightening Powder

My mom raves about this powder and I’d forgotten about it for years.  Out of powder to set my own undereye concealer (I rarely wear foundation, but I’m never seen without concealer), I decided to give it a whirl.  Obsessed.  OBSESSED!  It does not cake and it legitimately brightens my dark undereye circles.

The Fashion Magpie Secret Brightening Powder

Beauty Pick No. 3: The Full Cover Concealer

Speaking of concealer: I’ve extolled the virtues of Lilah B.’s concealer, which I’d liken to Cle de Peau’s incredible formula but at about half the price.  One of you asked me whether I’m still using it and loving it, and I am — BUT.  It goes on very matte.  Nary a speck of shimmer in that formula.  And sometimes when you’ve not gotten a full night of sleep for something like eight months straight (anyone else? — minimagpie is back to waking up twice a night at least thanks to this move!), you need something with a little highlighter in it.  I’d just read a review of Bobbi Brown’s latest “Full Cover” formula, which promises to “visibly brighten” the area, and snagged it, as well.  Will keep you posted on my thoughts, but I’m encouraged by its initial applications!  Also, the words “Full” and “Cover” are v. appealing to me given the enormous dark circles I’m working with these days.  I’m using this brush, which I explained more about here, to apply.  (#LOVE).

The Fashion Magpie Bobbi Brown Full Cover Concealer

Beauty Pick No. 4: The Origins Eye Cream

I wrote about this somewhere on this little blog recently, but this just joined the magpie under-eye circles crime-fighting unit.  You should also know that this mask, also by Origins, is MY JAM.  The best the best the best.

The Fashion Magpie Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

Beauty Pick No. 5: The Ole Henriksen Perfecting Cream

Because my latest facial lotion is packed (ugh) and I’d drained my travel bottle of Kiehl’s face cream (actually a very good, gender-neutral, unscented, well-priced facial cream that you and your hubs can share while traveling!), I needed something new to step into place.  On a whim, I snapped up this Ole Henriksen facial cream ($38), as I know many women devoted to the brand.  I’m impressed, though I have to say I generally hate when facial creams are packaged in tubs!  What a pain to apply.

The Fashion Magpie Ole Henriksen Face Cream


A few other items I’ve added to my digital cart:

+This lip balm/tint hybrid, whose description had me hooked: “Lightweight, sheer and ultra-moisturizing, our Extra Lip Tint has all the benefits of your go-to balm, plus a just-bitten pink stain that brings out the best in lips. Our favorite part? The subtle stain blends in with your natural lip color, so it’s instantly your perfect shade (and everyone else’s, too).

+I want everything from this line.

+I wrote about my new hairdo recently, and then found a beauty blogger raving about this texturizing spray.  I already own multiple from other lines but…….should I pull the trigger on this one too??!?!?!  I think yes.

+I think this needs to be my new scent.  It smells like HEAVEN.

+I’ve heard this perfecting powder is magic.

+I considered this more affordable facial cream — I love all things rose, and Weleda enjoys something of a cult following!

+UM.  CHICEST HAND SANITIZER EVER.  Do I need this, considering that it’s one of the 8 things I never travel without!?

P.S.  In light of the opening to this post: great gifts + how to wrap them.

P.P.S.  I still love all the products I raved about here.


  1. LOVE all things Griswold … and it’s never too early to start watching Christmas movies! (Though my mother would beg to differ — nothing Christmasy was allowed to happen until the day after Thanksgiving in our house growing up!)

    I’m adding The Shock and GinZing to my cart … I’m in need of new mascara and I feel like I should be doing more for my eye situation now that I am at the ripe age of 33 (!) I also love Weleda — Skin Food is the best in the colder months!

  2. My husband loves watching Christmas movies, I’m more of a grinch, but am slowly coming around. Home Alone is one of my favorites, though.

    And thanks for asking (in a previous comment) about our living situation! We put in an offer on a house and hopefully close in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed) and are meanwhile living in an AirBnB. We do have to redo the floors and kitchen of the house – just hope that process goes smoothly. In the meanwhile, we’re going on vacation in France for a couple weeks – what great timing (said with a touch of sarcasm – though I am looking forward to the trip). I would just like to be settled! Hope your living situation gets figured out soon – though perhaps not ideal, it’s nice that you’re able to stay with your parents for a bit!

    1. Jen! The logistics of your move sound even more complicated than our own. Renting an AirBnB while you’re having remodeling work done on your new home?! You are my new hero. Seriously, you DESERVE THIS VACATION x 100000. I’m now realizing how stressful not having a long-term homebase is…at any rate, I’m right there with you!

      AND — you are so right. It’s been a blessing in disguise to be at home right now – my sister just gave birth to her second son a few hours back and I feel so blessed to be here and able to see her and him so soon after, and to care for her first son (my godson!) in the interim!!! God’s hand!!

  3. I recently got a sample of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and OMG I’m obsessed. It’s extremely thick and tough to work with, but once you play around with it and work with it, it’s amazing. Your skin looks flawless. Flawless! It can be used as a concealer or foundation. I mix mine with a moisturizer or oil if I’m going to foundation route. I also use my Bobbi full foundation brush to put it on. Xo

    1. Hi Jenna!!! What a great reminder — I have a tub of that and it is serious stuff; it covers EVERYTHING. A good reminder during my heavy-dark-circles days. I one time wore it and my father in law said I looked like a porcelain doll! My skin looked flawless!! xo

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