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If a song were to play every time you entered a room, what would you want it to be?

I’ve been musing lots on beginnings and endings recently, and so this was an entertaining diversion to undertake while walking Tilly the other afternoon.

I think that if you had asked me in my 20s, I would have wanted a hip-hop song, something with a serious beat and flashy lyrics.  Something that would inflate me.  I loved Outkast in college, mainly because Mr. Magpie did, and I probably would have wanted “Bowtie,” “The Way You Move” (it was, improbably enough, our song…), or “I’ll Call Before I Come” (yikes double entendre).  Or maybe something from Kanye — I loved “Good Life,” “Flashing Lights,” “Amazing.”  Or possibly something from Notorious B.I.G.  There’s something to be said for the boldness of such an entry: here I am; don’t underestimate me.

But there would also be something humorously disingenuous about it.  I was reminded of this when I watched the movie Tully the other day and the protagonist’s yuppy G-Wagon-driving husband and sister-in-law sit down to a chichi meal prepared by an in-home cook, saying: “Alexa, play some hip hop.”  You’re meant to cringe or smirk when you watch the scene.  So, too, might be the reaction if one of those hip hop anthems from the oughts blared upon my arrival.

No, nowadays, I’d want something different, something that is a truer reflection of me.  Maybe a Van Morrison ballad — anything from his Moondance album, come to think of it, which is one of my most favorite albums of all time.  Poetic, jazz-y, soulful, with the occasional blare of a sassy trumpet.  Or maybe something by Madeleine Peyroux, whose voice sounds like honey and heartache.  She sings in lilting French on occasion (listen to “J’ai Deux Amours”…) and, though contemporary, feels of a different era.  Or possibly a heartfelt ditty from Lake Street Dive, whose song “Mistakes” is one of the only songs I’ve ever repeated several times in a row.  (Are you a repeater?!)  Yes: I’d want a song that leaves people thinking, whose lyrics are poetic and evocative, whose chords are wistful and hopeful all at once.  The kind of song you think about — or emote around — for awhile.

What about you?

Post Scripts: The Shrimps Handbag and Other Finds.

+In the photo above and below, you’ll see the current street style It Bag darling: Shrimps’ Antonia bag.  I love all these little boxy/basket-y bags that have been so en vogue of late.  Such a throwback to the 50s.  Will pillbox hats come back too?!  You can get the look for less with this $70 steal!

The Fashion magpie Shrimps Handbag 3 The Fashion magpie Shrimps Handbag 2

+Does anyone else watch Southern Charm on Bravo?  I have been very out of the loop on reality TV since mini was born, but I couldn’t sleep last week and stayed up watching Southern Charm.  UM, Ashley is the devil.  (!!!)  My favorite personality is Chelsea — I like her down-to-earth, roll-with-it earnestness.  And I also like her style, even though it’s very much not my own.  She’s led me to want to wear ribbed knit button downs like this tucked into high-waist jeans (currently have my eye on these).

+Love these in the calf-hair polka dot!

+Matches is having a fantastic end of season sale.  In case my suggestions for what to wear to a wedding (or other formal affair!) did not totally satisfy your shopping needs, spend some time digging around here.  I am in love with this floral gorgeousness, this asymmetric lace stunner, and any of the many heavily discounted Borgo de Nor dresses, like this one!  (Remember this whole post?!)

+I see these in virtually ever interior design I come across ever.  I am thinking of upgrading the basket in our entryway to this chic style.

+This is so high on my lust list — timeless, chic, fun, beachy.  I love.  I want.

+This looks fun.

+I ordered one of these for mini…and one for myself, too.  #dorks


  1. I think, for these languorous late summer days, that my intro song might be “You Are Here” by Yo La Tengo. A long buildup, but it feels like summer in the middle! Or maybe “LOVE.” by Kendrick Lamar? Easily one of the most beautiful hip-hop songs I’ve ever heard.

    I think I read about Matchmaking for Beginners on Grace Atwood’s blog and I really want to read it! It’d be perfect for a late-season beach read. 🙂

    1. That Kendrick Lamar song!!! I could listen to it forever. “Sippin bubbly / feelin lovely — ” YES.


  2. Love the idea of a theme song! I used to watch a lot of baseball before we cut cable, so I have always thought more along the lines of what would my walk up song be (perhaps Mr Magpie used to have a walk up song???). Like you, I might tend to fall back on hip hop, especially since this is more of a song to get you all pumped up than a song that really represents you as a person. Maybe early Jay-Z? If I went Outkast, it would be Rosa Parks. Or perhaps Q-Tip (Vivrant Thing is a fav)? Or maybe something from an old running playlist, like Bloc Party (She’s Hearing Voices, or Banquet). Or for something a bit more recent, I love Mi Gente (with Beyonce obv). Can’t go wrong with American Girl by Tom Petty, even if it is too obvious. Ah, so many choices! And we haven’t even ventured into country at all…

    1. Love all of these ideas! And I like the framing of it as a “walk up song”! I’ll have to ask Landon…xo

  3. Southern Charm!! Somehow I recorded the series on my mom’s DVR and promptly forgot about it. Until she – very puzzled – asked how it got there. I don’t watch it on a regular basis, but whenever I catch it (I did remove it from her DVR ;), I get sucked right in.

    I also wanted to see if any magpies have tried Trunk Club? I’ve never used Stitch Fix, and frankly viewed the process of having someone pick out your clothes as defeat. But a friend told me about Trunk Club and I went for it! I haven’t gotten any picks yet but wanted to see if anyone had experience with it and/or opinions about it.

    1. Hi! I haven’t tried Southern Charm but I’m confident fellow magpies will chime in if they have. I did try Rent the Runway’s Unlimited program where you select 3 items for your closet and return them whenever you want, paying a monthly subscription — not at all the same model as Trunk Club but similar in that there’s a bit of curation on their end. I liked it, actually, for when I was running my business and needed new business-appropriate looks for different events all the time, but didn’t want to have to buy a closet full of work dresses I’d wear only once. BUT. They were super flakey back then on inventory and often the items I’d select wouldn’t be available. Anyway, I know that doesn’t answer your question, but had to add this as a sidebar! xo

    2. That’s helpful! I haven’t heard back from my “stylist” so who knows.

      I also put Matchmaking for Beginners on my reading list (which keeps growing, in contrast to the amount of free time I have lately, ugh!).

    3. Keep me posted on both of these topics — book reviews and your experience with Trunk Club alike! xx

  4. Oh I love that pearl bag! It’s a little small, but so pretty. I’d wear it with my jeans for a bit of fun!
    Ok, Southern Charm Charleston is actually one of my favorite shows right now. I agree with your take on Chelsea. Have you noticed that she knows how to keep her mouth shut? (Unlike a lot of the others! ). I think she’s very smart and knows her place and what she wants. Go Chelsea!! That Ashley is a trip (or journey!!). She definitely does not know when to “slow her roll”! Ha! But she and Thomas finally called it quits last week. Amen!
    OMG! That Dolce & Gabanna dress is gorgeous. It looks so Italian. Mamma Mia!
    Loved this post!

    1. That pearl bag is sooo fun, and obsessed with the D&G. Would love to wear it all summer long…

      I haven’t seen SC Charleston but will need to binge watch it once I’m done with the original! I agree with your assessment of Chelsea 🙂

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