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I watched Casablanca last weekend and O.M.G. was I dying over Ingrid Bergman’s wardrobe as Ilsa — proof if there ever was that some fashion is timeless.  Almost every piece of her wardrobe looked like something from my favorite contemporary designers: Sandro, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Alexis, Johanna Ortiz.  The nipped waists!  The elegant lines!  The exaggerated sleeves!  This wardrobe could have been from 2018, starting with the stunning gown above.  I swear the top is the spitting image of this Sandro blouse (on sale for $140!)

The Fashion Magpie Casablanca Fashion

The Fashion Magpie Casablanca Fashion

How to Dress Like Ingrid Bergman…

+This Alexis gown is absolutely stunning.  I love the throwback Hollywood shape — even the length of the sleeves! — and have it pinned as my potential birthday dress.  (Turning 35 in June!  Must celebrate with a showstopping dress.  And yes, I’m planning 6+ months out.)

+This peplum blazer is to die and I can’t believe the price.  It’s not inexpensive, but it looks like it should cost several grand and that it could be from a label like Dior.  Love the shape and fabric.  Would be super elegant for a mother-of-the-bride.  Or me, on a random Wednesday in November.

+Still swooning over these Tory Burch feathered mules.  They’re so baroque and yet so now.  (Also, on sale!)  Love.  If they’re too loud, try the mule version of my new favorite flat (<<also on sale!)

+Vintage Chanel belt.  Someone fashionable recently stated in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar (cannot remember who said this!  Mom brain?) that she felt that belts needed to come back in vogue.  She is so right.  Belts have been shunned since the early oughts, when people abandoned their mothers’ pleas in favor of low-waist-everything, and the belt suffered a precipitous death.  Truth be told, I only own a handful of belts myself!  When was the last time you bought one?  I’m contemplating splurging on this vintage Chanel (they have a few different ones at The Real Real) and layering it over everything this fall — blouses, dresses, jackets.  Instant wardrobe refresh, and a defined waist to boot!

+This pearl and diamond brooch is everything.  Pricey, though.  Get the look for less with this, this, or this.  Not sure how to wear it?  I like the inspiration of Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini’s Instagram; they pin their brooches at the collar, at the waist-line, and even on the top of the shoulder.  (Or you can go old-school and pin it to the breast.)  I also like the idea of adding this to a purse for something fresh.  Get the look for less with this or this.

+In love with this double breasted structured blazer ($119!).  Imagine with jeans and some tweed-y flats — so sophisticated!

+Johanna Ortiz belt.  The caning/rattan feels ultra-appropriate for a Casablanca-inspired wardrobe, eh?  This is so fun.  Your straight forward LWD will be taken to new heights.

+Ulla Johnson Wide-Leg Pants.  These cut a dramatic profile, and I love the tassel tie.

+Now THIS.  Is a dress.  So sweet, so elegant, so ladylike.  Would actually work quite well for a nontraditional bride.  Would renew my vows just to wear it…

+Mignonne Gavigan cluster studs.  I love this brand’s playful but dressed-up styles.  Also love these!

+The puff-sleeved lace blouse from Sandro (on super sale!) mentioned at the outset of this post.  TO DIE.

+Swan earrings.  OK, these aren’t exactly Ingrid’s style but they spoke to me so deeply and felt so appropriate in this context that I had to include them.  I NEED THESE.  These are the kind of accessory that can totally make a look.  Just pull out anything black in your closet and throw these on and you’re done.

+J. Crew kitten heels.  So saucy and elegant.

+This Toteme coat is so high-fashion.  Love the dramatic shape and unfussy closure.

+This brooch is on sale for under $20!

+This chic croc-effect bag ($59).

+This stunning Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini blouse.  I just came across a treasure trove of discounted pieces from past collections that I am drooling over at Yoox, including the blouse above, this boucle/sweater dress, this open-weave sweater, and this bow blouse.  I also included some affordable ways to get the Philosophy look in the post-script here.

P.S.  This dress is also elegant in a throwback kind of way (love it in the navy), and how about this $65 brocade jacket?!  40s fashion at its finest.  And, I feel like a modern day Ingrid would wear this in white.  (I own it in red.)

P.P.S.  Elegant holiday cards you probably won’t see anyone else ordering (have you ever sent the same Minted card as someone else?!), how to refresh your bedroom, and the people I carry with me on a daily basis.  (In addition to you.)


  1. Chiiiic! Love this post. I am not the most ladylike of dressers, opting for denim and cropped trousers on most days, but this inspires me in a big way. xo

  2. Bring back the belt! And the brooch! I do want to wear more belts…I always love them in photos or on other people, but I find I don’t take the time to put one on as I’m rushing to get dressed for work in the morning.

    1. Yes! All these vestiges of dressing from the past — I’m “pro” all of them. Maybe not corsets though. xxx

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