In HER Bag: Magpie Maven Amanda Pearl!

A week or two ago, I ran a post on the contents I lug around in my bag on a daily basis.  I received so much positive feedback and so many tips on must-have items to add that I decided I’d feature a similar post, this time focusing on the contents that the fabulous designer behind Amanda Pearl handbags totes around on a daily basis.  (I am in l.o.v.e. with her sophisticated roll clutches, seen below!)

Over the summer, Amanda sported the Louis Vuitton/Sprouse Roses Neverfull (gal after my own heart!), the dimensions of which she finds perfect.  (And it really is.  It fits ev.ery.thing.)  Here’s a little lady that really stops to smell the roses — she claims that the floral design “just makes her happy.”

For fall, she’s most often seen with the Tilly Day Bag (on sale for $498, Amanda Pearl).  “It’s remarkably bottomless,” she explains, permitting little chic-peas like herself to carry their lives around on their shoulders while looking ladylike rather than bag-lady-esque.  The design fits in with the ’50s-era throwback we’ve been seeing this season — l.o.v.e.

As for the contents she must have within an arm’s reach at all time?  To begin with: a Moleskine cahier ($6.95 for set of 3, Moleskine) for notes and design ideas, a classic black Uniball pen ($6 for pack of 4, Amazon), and some mechanical pencils (p.s. I adore mechanical pencils and use them all.the.time…love the super-fine point — $3, JetPens):

She’s also never without her iPhone (from $199, Apple) and earbuds ($29, Apple) —

— as well as her Louis Vuitton monogram vernis zippy wallet (hers is an of-the-moment olive green color!)  and Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf which, as she puts it, is “the best scarf ever — light and gauzy but warm enough when it starts to get chilly.”  Like myself, Amanda is “always cold” and “always in need of a dash of leopard.”

And tissues are a must (one additional way of incorporating the animal print trend in the daily wardrobe! — $1.59/pack, CompanyToo):

In her LeSportSac cosmetic bag ($25, LeSportSac), she carries around bandaids (“you never know!” — and I wouldn’t mind a minor blister or cut if I could wear one these funky little Cynthia Rowley patterned versions?! — $10 for 20, Cynthia Rowley), a Sephora cuticle oil pen ($12, Sephora), and a nail file ($5, Sephora),

Also in her makeup bag?  Chanel’s Double Perfection Powder Compact ($50, Chanel), eyeliner (Stila, $20, Sephora), SoftLips SPF20 Vanilla chapstick ($3.69 for pack of 2, Amazon), and Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square ($24, Nars):

As for enorma-shades?  She swaps between her Tom Ford Anouks (dig the cat eye shape, and it vibes with the retro-chic styling of the handbag!), her pearl-adorned Chanels, and rebellionista Wayfarers ($139, Ray-Ban):

Like myself, she’s never without a little sweet treat (“depends on what I’m addicted to at the moment”).  Some top picks?  Good & Plenty or M&Ms.  Yum.

And she’s always carrying two types of gum — a minty (Trident White Peppermint) and a fruity (Extra Fruit Sensations Sweet Watermelon gum):

Love the mix of all-business and all-pleasure 🙂  Because Amanda is a talented handbag designer, I took the occasion to ask her a couple of pointed questions about hand-baggery, including her tips for picking out a new handbag — “If it’s going to be a workhorse, I’ve got to be able to sling it over my shoulder and it must be big enough to files/papers/magazines.  If it’s something for going out, it needs to be colorful and attention-getting and needs to fit my iPhone.”  (I’m guessing the glittery Anya Hindmarch clutch below would qualify?  — — $395, EditNY):

Side note: love the idea of a handbag as a “workhorse.”  Crack your own proverbial whip and make your handbag do the work for you with one of these Dooney & Bourke “Dillen” totes — two pockets on the outside, a zip pocket on the inside, a cell phone pocket, a key ring.  It’ll keep ya organized ($295, Dooney & Bourke):

Plus, love the versatility of the styling and fabrication — kind of an upscale L.L. Bean look that meshes perfectly with this season’s utilitarian chic aesthetic.  I could just as easily see myself wearing the Dillen with a pair of classic kitten heeled pumps (Prada, $476, Bluefly)–

— as I could with a pair of wintry-mix-ready duck boots (these fur-lined Tory Burches were last season, but I pretty much d.i.e. over the luxe reimagining of the classic.  I’ve had a comparable pair by Juicy Couture in my shopping basket at Neiman’s for awhile, and I just might have to take the plunge this afternoon…)

As an aside: I’d never been too keen on the style until I swooned over the classic Americana looks in Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2010 collection.

I don’t know how practical the heeled versions would be in real-life, street-cred terms.  They’re a bit too costumey for my tastes — but if you like a bold shoe, check out the bootie version Hilfiger’s made available in his e-boutique ($298, Tommy Hilfiger) or

At any rate — I digress.  The other burning question I had for Amanda?  “What is your favorite handbag trend of the moment?”  Her response: “I love that we’ve returned to smaller, ladylike, structured bags!”  I couldn’t agree more.  This feminine “pocket book” exemplifies the aesthetic perfectly — and is available for a mere $36 at Zara!

Can you imagine how incredibly (classically) chic you’d look pairing something like that with a ladylike blouse ($88, Nordstrom) and a tailored skirt (Joseph, $330, Edit New York)?

(Love the contrast of the dreamy chiffon blouse and the heavy-weight wool skirt.)  All you need are some feminine pumps (I know I featured these in patent cherry above, but I die over them in the black-and-white as well! — $476, Bluefly):

Thanks to Amanda for sharing!  I’m now in the mood to buy a million new things…

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