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I’m Dreaming of a White…T-Shirt.

I have a girlfriend who always looks impeccable, even when wearing a t-shirt and jeans, which is a fairly common occurrence for her.  You know the type: everything looks chic-er on her than it possibly ever could on yourself.  She let me in on a secret recently: she irons or steams everything she wears, and also spends a fortune on dry cleaning.  I’ve been forced to follow suit thanks to our petite living situation, where I need to store a lot of things in stacks vs. hanging, and therefore find myself forced to steam my clothes in the morning with this.  I have to say it’s paying off.  But it doesn’t mean I can fully replicate her stylishness because I don’t  think I’ve yet found the perfect t-shirt to complement my steaming job.  This has sent me on a wild goose chase in hot pursuit of the perfect white tee.  Below, my top picks:

+Levi’s seems like a solid place to start.  I like the boxy but slightly trim style of this one.

+Baserange is purported to make an excellent cotton tee, and this one has no visible stitches, which is kinda cool.  The brand produces “clean-lined, easy, and accessible garments that exist somewhere between modern culture and the natural world. The line’s French and Danish founders are committed to minimizing environmental impact and so opt for high-quality, sustainable fabrics like the exceptionally soft bamboo jersey of this understated t-shirt.”

+I’m a devotee of Monrow’s when it comes to loungewear.  This looks like it could be perfect.

+Given the price and reviews, I’d be nuts not to try Everlane’s.

+I’ve worn Hanes tees to work out in on and off for years.  The softest.

What’s your vote?

P.S.  Another great basic you should have in your closet.


  1. Baserange is one of my favorite lines for casualwear — I’m wearing one of their sweatshirts right now! — but will say that you will probably like their styles best if you prefer a bit of slouch/drape. If you’re looking for a more structured tee, I love my boxy pocket tee from Everlane — I don’t think they make the exact style anymore, though. I also have to give a shoutout to Jungmaven, which makes drape-y tees out of a cotton and hemp flax blend (they don’t look as crunchy as you might think!) and Frame — I have a white linen tee I got from them that I absolutely love.

    AND I still have a couple of T by Alexander Wang tees — definitely less structured — that have held up well over the past 7-8 years of wearing them.

    I broke my steamer recently, so I’m going to pick up one of the Joy mini steamers … have heard so many good things!

    1. Great recs! Now I’m intrigued by Baserange’s other offerings — have you tried their undergarments before??

    2. Yes, I have! I ride the line between petite and not … I’m just under 5’4 but am kind of muscular with a C cup and have found that most of the Baserange bras I’ve tried would be better suited to more petite ladies with A or B cups. The one style I really like is this one, although I have it in black mesh from a couple of seasons ago:

      I have one pair of underwear from Baserange — it matches the bra I linked above, but I would caution you to size up. I am about a 4 on the bottom (with a considerable bum!) and the medium is a little too low-rise for me. Might just be my bum size/shape, though! 🙂

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