I Work Out.

Yes, the title of this post is a line from that LMFAO song that weasels its way into my subconscious and settles in for the long haul.  But, more importantly, it’s now been reclaimed as the segue into a MAH-JOR-LY exciting announcement: the bomb.com giveaway of the world’s most perfect gym bag from Kooba.  You heard right: one lucky reader will be winning this awesome tote from the super generous design geniuses over at Kooba!  All you have to do is like them on Facebook {they are trying to hit the big 6000 number for “likes”!} and leave a comment on this post telling me how you keep in shape!  A winner will be announced this upcoming Monday, 2/13!

This bag is reason enough to get my tuchus to the gym.  As I mentioned here, I’ve been on the Tracy Anderson pain train for the past few weeks.  Her mat routine is killa, and all you need is a chair, 3 lb weights, and a yoga mat.  I dress in super bright workout gear as a way to sort of peacock my way into thinking it’s a fun way to spend an hour.  Well, that’s not an entirely fair representation — I actually like working out (endorphins!) and I never feel better than just after a solid exercise sesh.  But sometimes, as I’m doing the millionth leg kick, I feel unpleasantly testy.  So I compensate with smile-inducing brights, like these sports bras ($14, Old Navy)

Now, as I believe I’ve made overly abundantly clear in past posts, I cannot live without my Nike spandex ($48, Zappos).


I own two pairs and they both have lasted for.ev.er, with multiple wears per week.  That, and they breathe — and move — and don’t cut off circulation.  This past point is particularly important because, in a random moment of 90s nostalgia, I snapped up a pair of Adidas running capris {remember when everyone and their Mom owned a pair of swishy-swashy pants with the three stripes down the sides?!  We all had them in the 90s…}.  Now, I will say that these Adidas pants come in great colors, and I also felt slightly retro-cool running around Glover Park with them on, but they were so constricting I could hardly breathe.  So.  Nike it is, for this little lady.  And Nike it is on my feet, as well — I rock out their Free Runs ($100, Zappos), which are the lightest shoe known to man.  Great for running, and I always get compliments on them.  And the colors make my heart sing.


I also use a brightly colored yoga mat ($33, Amazon) and hand-weights (Tracy claims that you should never use more than 3 lb weights when using her workout or you “just create more space for loose skin” — $12 for set, Amazon) —



Water must always be at the ready — and these Bobble water filters are incroyable ($9.99, Target):


When I’m not in my tried-and-true Nike spandex, I’m in candy-colored shorts.  How slick are these Old Navy pairs ($15, Old Navy)?!  Best colors ever!  I’d wear it with this funky giraffe-front tank ($26, Nike):

Other work-out musts?  An easy-on, loose-fit sweatshirt.  I wear one from my alma mater, UVA, but this boxy, 80s style variation caught my eye ($22, Target):

I also need peds ($10, Jack Wills).  I buy mine in bulk {literally — packs of 20} at Costco in the brightest colors I can find, because I literally run them to threads and/or lose half of them somewhere between the dirty hamper and my clean laundry basket.  I swear that I have no pair that actually matches, so I’m constantly in mis-matched peds.  No idea how this happens.  Mystery of life.


I also need waterproof mascara ($24.50, Sephora), Tarte cheek stain ($30, Sephora), and snag-free hair elastics ($3.50, Sephora):


Post work-out, I like to lounge in loose-fit sweats (on sale for $47, J. Crew) and a tissue-thin tee (I love the cheeky Rebel Yell line! — $63, Revolve):

If I’ve just completed my work at the gym, I’ll layer on a thin, breathable windbreaker (this is kids size, but what cool shades! — KWay, $45, J. Crew):

I top it all off with a loose, gauzy scarf  (still digging Virginia Johnson’s styles! — on sale for $97, Virginia Johnson):

So — who’s ready to work out?!




  1. This bag is just what I need to get back into shape after having my first baby! (due in one week). I can’t wait to get on the treadmill again!

  2. I typically run about 25 miles per week (4-6 days a week). Over the past 2 years I have also completed 21 half marathons. It is not only a fun event, but it is fun to travel to races, see other communities and meet new people. It is really fun and I highly recommend it to everyone…even if you are not a “runner.”

    Love your website! Kooba has fantastic handbags too….the Natasha has been my favorite for the past year!

  3. Wow, love your website!

    I stay in shape by running 4-6 times a week, 4-8 miles at a time. For the past 2 years, I completed 21 half marathons, which not only has been a great workout, but its a wonderful event and you meet fun people at each race. I highly recommend anyone try…..even if you are not a “runner.”

  4. LOVE that bag, what a great giveaway. I mostly go to the gym, walk, and do yoga to keep in shape. I work from home, so I try to be active every day to keep sane!

  5. I’ve always loved yoga for staying in shape as it can be so much more than what most people think. I have seen better results on my body with yoga than with traditional gym workouts, plus it is good for the mind as well. Later on, I discovered pilates as a last-resort attempt to treat back pain after all other methods had failed. Lets just say I should have tried it first! Not to mention I completely fell in love with it! It was so unlike any other workout I had done in the past. I recommend pilates 100%, especially reformer classes. If I had the room in my apartment, I would definitely get one of those inexpensive reformer-style machines.

  6. I stay in shape with regular treadmill workouts and healthy eating. It may not be the most exciting formula for fitness, but it works.

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