The Fashion Magpie Sandro Striped Dress 1

I Want that Stripey in the Window.

Every Sunday, a small tornado tears through our apartment as I attempt to feed mini breakfast, clothe and preen the two of us, and hustle out the door before 8:15 a.m. to make 8:30 a.m. Mass.  It doesn’t sound hard on the surface of it, as mini wakes up around 7 — we have a whole hour and change to kill!  And yet, every Sunday at 8:11 a.m., I’m holding a hairbow in my mouth, pouring puffs into her snack catcher (<<possibly mini’s favorite belonging of all time), zipping up a boot, and keeping an eye on a very mobile mini.

Then we scoot up Columbus to 71st; Mr. Magpie and Tilly keep us company on the walk to Church because there is no ramp (!), and I need him to help lift the stroller up the four steps of the approach.  (The return trip is always the luck of the draw: is there a kind soul who might help me down the stairs?  If not, I unbuckle mini, place her on my hip, and drag our Bugaboo down the steps in ungainly new-mom pose.)

The past few Sundays, I’ve lingered in front of the Sandro shop en route to Mass.  There’s a bold red striped dress I can’t get over that they have proudly displayed in the front window.  I gravitate towards its unfussy, sophisticated womanliness and the brave cut of the sleeve; I love a dramatic line.  It reads WWII working woman, but with a distinctly 2018 twist owing to the shape.  (Also, who doesn’t look wonderful in a shirtdress?)  I ogle at it coming and going from Church and every time we head up that way to our wine store (67 St Wine).  Is it time to pull the trigger?

The Fashion Magpie Sandro Striped Dress 2

Just yesterday, as I was thumbing through the latest Bazaar, I lingered over Ralph Lauren’s latest campaign, which featured this similar “wide wale” stripe:

The Fashion Magpie Ralph Lauren Striped Suit 1

The Fashion Magpie Ralph Lauren Striped Suit 2

The Fashion Magpie Ralph Lauren Striped Suit 3

I’m v. into this vertical stripe situation.

Get the look for less with:

+This elegant striped shirtdress, currently 50% off!  Would be so chic for work!

+This vacation-ready Tracy Reese.

+This chic blouse ($60!)

+This $55 work-appropriate shirtdress, which looks a LOT like a style by Veronica Beard…

+This uber-dramatic, billowy blouse ($69).

+This off-the-shoulder number, perfect for summer BBQs and date nights (under $60!)

+This bow-cuffed button-down (under $50!)

+This flounced and striped beauty ($25!)

Finally, a couple of stripe-accented accessories to complete the look:

+This is very Gucci, but without the Gucci pricetag.

+This splurge-worthy Miu Miu.  (Shown below.)

+This darling mini straw bag.

The Fashion Magpie Miu Miu Striped Bag

P.S.  NOT vertically striped, but this darling minidress reminds me of a blouse I wanted v. badly from Self-Portrait.  Adorbs.  If you got great gams — show ’em off!

P.P.S.  If you want that Cult Gaia ark bag that everyone and her mom has been wearing the last season or two, but without the price tag, check out this!

P.P.P.S.  If you’re a monogramaholic, you might want to check this out.  And, unrelated, what are your thoughts on the polarizing book/tv show I mentioned last week?  It’s elicited a lot of interesting reactions…


  1. That Sandro dress! It’s so good. I love. I have a thing for stripes, but find that most of my striped items have horizontal stripes. Must get on the vertical-stripe train as well!

    1. I know – if you think about it, the vertical stripes are so flattering, too!!

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