The Fashion Magpie Ferragamo Flats

I Got a SPRING in Mah Step.


And at the verrrrry verrrrrry top of my lust list?  A pair of robin’s egg blue Ferragamo flats.  These and other cheerful spring picks below…(it’s been awhile since I did a 10 picks, hasn’t it?)

Pick No. 1: The Ferragamo Flats

My grandmother used to wear Ferragamo Flats and I always felt like they were the province of the over-60-set (ahem, women of a certain age).  I’ve since revised that misdirected observation, influenced by chic peas like LSD (shown above in her own pair!), and am absolutely in love with this particular pair, in part owing to that perfect of-the-moment ice-blue color, and in part owing to the styling below, with those raw-edged hem jeans from equally of-the-moment denim label Re/Done.  (I just snagged these in a similar light wash, with a similar hem situation, but in a skinny leg.  They fit like a dream and feel like leggings.  So comfortable!)

The Fashion Magpie Ferragamo Flats Blue

The Fashion Magpie Ferragamo Flats with Jeans

Pick No. 2: The Springtime Plates

I am dying over these floral/botanical/animal printed plates ($59 for set of 4).  How chic would they be on your springtime tabletop?

The Fashion Magpie Floral Plates


Pick No. 3: The Athena Procopiou Dress

Have you heard about the label Athena Procopiou?  I love all the ladylike whimsies — the sweet color palette, the bows, the flounces — and especially love this splashy maxi, and this darling mini!

The Fashion Magpie Athena Procopiou Dress

Pick No. 4: The Barbie Girl Shades

How can you resist?!  (And under $60!)

The Fashion Magpie Pink Sunglasses

Pick No. 5: The Frill-Sleeved Tunic

I love the drama of the sleeves on this sweet tunic!  This is the kind of thing I love to wear to Church on Sunday; I’d pair it with my Tory Burch pearl slides!  In a similar vein, how about this dramatically-sleeved tunic?

The Fashion Magpie White Dress

Pick No. 6: The Personalized Backpack

How sweet is this robin’s egg blue personalized backpack?  It’s for kids but…hmmmmmmm….I might need it.  And if the #soextra faux-Goyard iPhone case that I sport isn’t your style, but you’re looking for a personalized style, check out all of these by the same company!  I especially love the shadow text lettering options.


Pick No. 7: The Ladylike Swimsuit

J. Crew’s latest swimwear collection is…beyond.  I’m especially smitten with this asymmetrical bow-shouldered beauty in that pale blue!  I also like this in timeless white.  They remind me in ethos of the Marysia one-piece I wore in Naples recently!

The Fashion Magpie Blue Swimsuit 1

The Fashion Magpie Blue Swimsuit 2

Pick No. 8: The Open-Weave Knit

Taking some notes from Ganni, this sweater screams for warmer weather!

The Fashion Magpie Pink Sweater 1

Pick No. 9: The Dramatic Earring Situation

How epically romantic are these oversized floral tangly drops (under $30!!!)  I’m daydreaming of wearing them with this.

The Fashion Magpie Floral Earring 1

The Fashion Magpie Floral Earring 2

Pick No. 10: The Elephant Laundry Basket

How darling would this wicker basket be for mini’s nursery?

The Fashion Magpie Wicker Laundry Basket WhiteThe Fashion Magpie Wicker Laundry Basket

P.S. How fun are these sandals?  Love them in the blue.

P.P.S.  I found so many AMAZING party supplies on Amazon for mini’s upcoming birthday, but I’m most excited about these, which I’m going to use to box up a fancy cupcake for all of my guests!


  1. This color is just too good. I just bought a Steven Alan sweater in a v. similar shade, even after I swore I would only concentrate on buying spring items … ah! It’s irresistible.

    I love the Ferragamo flats in particular — I’ve never owned a pair, but would like to change that!

  2. Love love love those Ferragamo flats! I’ve actually been wearing the Vara since formal dinners at my boarding school (I “borrowed” two of my mother’s pairs from her closet and never returned them…) and as much as I love them, the ones I currently have are about 30 years old. While they still hold up amazingly well, I definitely need a new pair! The only thing that’s kept me from taking the plunge is that I far prefer the grosgrain bow on the vintage ones to the new leather bow. I may have to make an exception one of these days, though! xx

    1. So chic! I love how these older, more established brands hold up to the test of time – a testament to their craftsmanship, and a justification for their heftier pricetag! xo

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