Horsing Around

“Oversized blouses are pretty much all that matter to me.”

-Rumi Neeley

HAHAHA.  I read this quote from esteemed fashion blogger Rumi of Fashion Toast (recently featured in The Coveteur) and literally guffawed.  I know she was being sarcastic here, but after I regained composure, it did make me pause and think about priorities.  And how sometimes the most important thing isn’t scurrying over to J. Crew to snap up the last pom-pom blouse they have in your size, but making sure that you take the time to tell your husband that you are running that errand so he doesn’t freak out and use iCloud to track your whereabouts with Apple’s GPS, thinking that you may laying dead in a ditch somewhere.  (True story.  That actually happened.  Poor Mr. Magpie.)  I don’t know why I feel compelled to shell out this PSA today, because Lord knows this blog stands at cross-purposes with that agenda, but perhaps it’s good to come back to center every now and then and remember that fashion isn’t a religion, and that taking it too seriously is a big no-no.

Actually, I do know why I feel this compulsion today: a good cause.  Now, I promise not to clutter this blog with various personal causes, but this one is near and dear to me because one of my nearest and dearest friends, Lady S. we’ll call her, is very closely involved with it.   Lady S. spends her spare time teaching disabled individuals to ride horses as a form of physical therapy through the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program.  Her heart is ginormous, and just hearing her talk about the work she does — with such dedication and modesty — is enough to restore your faith in the universe.  If you live in the D.C. area, you MUST attend their annual fundraiser, a polo match!  (It’s coming up soon — September 8th.  Buy tickets here.)  It’s pretty much the ultimate Magpie treat — supporting a seriously amazing cause and being able to get all dolled up for a classy, outdoor affair.  Win all around.

If you do end up going, let’s talk equine fashion.  What screams fall more than a tweedy equestrian look?  Accomplish with this affordable blazer ($55), some skinnies, and some cap-toed flats ($150):


Perfect with my beloved Alexander Wang Emile ($970) — (I own it in the toffee color with the rose gold hardware…to die.)

Now, I kind of live for (ha, bordering on Rumi above) this feathered collar necklace ($598) from the one and only Lizzie Fortunato.  OMG.  I’d wear it with an LBD for a big statement.

Bof.  Now, a more traditional tack on the equestrian look might call for this classic wrap watch ($125):

And then some gold, glossy accents, like this chain link necklace ($60), a signet ring from Sarah Chloe ($98 and up, depending on shape and metal), or this horsebit bangle ($150):

Or, of course, a classic monogrammed necklace would be a nice addition to the fall look ($58 apiece):

Loves.  Other accent pieces?  I dig this cute horse-print scarf ($32 — though Gap has a similar version in navy or red for $30, and they’re running a 25% off coupon code!), and how beyond precious is this horse-head necklace from Tory Burch ($265)?!



(PS — If that’s too bold a necklace style, check out this longer style for $175.)  Now, the dream closet addition would be this ridiculous two-tone tweed blazer from Givenchy ($2,740):


Lovely, lovely, lovely.  (J. Crew has a solid red flannel style that can approximate the look available for $198.) Imagine pairing it with the ULTIMATE riding boots from Hermes ($2,475)…be still my heart.

But we all know that riding boots have been a staple in the fall fashion scene for the past few years or so, and are plentifully available at multiple price points.  These Tory Burch puppies ($495) are perennially popular.  I own and love a pair of Loeffler Randall Mathildes ($695) — sleek lines.  Meanwhile, I owned and ran into the ground at least two pairs of Steve Madden Intyces ($150) in my post-college years.  They get the look down pat, but they get destroyed rather quickly.  Perfectly tied together with a leather-and-gold wrap bracelet ($40 apiece).

Another look to love?  A crisp white oxford (the one below is from Gant for $190, but we all know Polo’s classic oxford, $89, is the prepster’s staple) beneath a vest (loveee this J. Crew excursion vest in herringbone! — $138), paired with those embroidered flats I just snagged ($40):



Very sleek.  You might accent the look with this cape/scarflet ($440)…

Pair with the CLASSY Marc Jacobs Bowery tote ($1,295) and you’re made.  Keep personals in this pony-hair pouch from cool line Hare & Hart (LOVE. — $145):


Speaking of bags, let’s get back to the equestrian look at hand with a classic brown leather saddle bag from J.W. Hulme ($470 — and you can get it embossed!).  (Or, check out this cute colorblocked mini style, available for $238.)  Perfect with a classic Hermes-inspired silky scarf ($100).

Of course, the ultimate riding/hunting gear?  A Barbour coat ($379).  My oh my do I want one.  Mr. Magpie rocks his, and so does Lady S.

Now, if this post didn’t make you wish for fall, I don’t know what will.   And if I were you, I’d look into attending the polo match!  Thanks lovelies!  Have a great day!


  1. Where are the leather-and-gold wrap bracelet from? I don’t see a link included to them.

    Love, love the post btw. Definitely hoping to get some of these pieces to supplement my fall wardrobe.

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