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Hill House English Garden Nap Dress Launch.

Urgent! Today at 12 EST, Hill House’s eagerly-awaited English Garden collection of nap dresses launches. If you are a nap dress fan like myself, you know that these limited edition collections sell out in minutes. I’ve already studied their preview and determined that I need the Nesli style in the green botanical, so I’ll be adding that to my cart as soon as the clock strikes noon.

These dresses are SO comfortable for the evening hours — I have been wearing my three plaid ones constantly this winter. (I layer the Ellie over a black fitted turtleneck.) I think my favorite is this Nesli. So incredibly comfortable, flattering, and cute. I am short (5’0) and petite (under 100 lbs) yet I can wear all of the styles without feeling like I am swallowed alive by the fabric. They are soft enough to sleep in, but I more often than not wear them during the day. I like that the elastic and smocking they use are non-cinching — I never have indentations on my arm from the elastic — and in general adore the midi length (on me, close to ankle-grazing), which is easy to move around in but feminine.

I can’t wait to add the botanical print to my collection! I know I want the Nesli but I am also in love with the Caroline in the white botanical! Might have to splurge…

And speaking of my favorite at-home loungewear, my beloved Birdie’s slippers were just released in two new suede colors. J’adore the taupe gray!

P.S. Of course, the entire English Garden collection is serving up major Bridgerton vibes…but note that they do have a few nap dresses in solid black, so if you’ve been eyeing these but feeling that they are too feminine for your tastes, now’s the chance to pounce.

P.P.S. Speaking of floaty comfort, this white kaftan ($25!) caught my eye and this unfussy gray cotton nightgown gives me Calvin Klein-meets-Halle-Berry vibes for some reason.

P.P.P.S. Recent fitness finds.


  1. I ordered the Ellie in green, which I think makes my fourth nap dress? I’m expecting an August baby (my third!) and I’m anticipating living in nap dresses from April on – so perfect for pregnancy and post-partum!

    1. Oh so perfect!! I know, I’m amassing quite the collection myself. Such a chic and flattering pregnancy and nursing buy!


  2. Ahhh! So exciting. I already purchased the Ellie in black (which I was most excited by because of its versatility in my own wardrobe!) but am now considering the Nesli in black as well … can’t decide if it’s overkill?! Black dresses are so adaptable & evergreen, though … I am also wanting to try the Athena in the green botanical but can’t decide if it’ll be too short. My guess is no as I am only 5’4″, but I love the elegance of the midi length of Nesli + Ellie.

    Also: I love the Caroline in the pastel botanical, too, but feel that it is the most “nightgown” out of all the nap dresses, and I’m not sure if I want to commit at that price point if it will be solely for lounging/sleeping. I wish HHH had made more styles of the pastel botanical print!! It’d make my (second) decision easier … haha


    1. I know that black one is going to sell out in a flash if it hasn’t already…so much hype on Instagram about it!

      I prefer the longer lengths for nap dresses personally…chasing after little ones/lounging on the couch feels more demure if I’m not worried about a short hemline! But I DO love those shorter lengths, too. I love the way they are styled on their site!


    2. I agree with you re: the modesty aspect of the midi dresses! Nesli has my heart … I love love love that silhouette. Thanks, too, for the tip about the SKIMS bra!


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