Guac Is Extra…or Budget Fashion.

I came across a rather salacious picture of Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram where she’s lounging in a bikini, eating a snack, and the caption reads: “Guac is extra.”

I can’t explain why, but I loved that caption and haven’t been able to put it out of my head.  I’ll be flitting around my neighborhood running errands and someone will rush in front of me to cut in line, and I’ll think to myself, rolling my eyes: “Guac is extra.”  Or I’ll be dealing with the surly deliveryman who attempted — and failed — to install our new dishwasher in our unit, who was grumbling about how annoyed he was that he couldn’t get into the building before 9 a.m. (this, despite a scheduled 9 a.m. delivery), acting as though I personally ensured that he couldn’t enter the building prior, and the empathy I once felt for this chap with the horrifying plumber’s butt situation will evaporate, and I’ll shrug and think, “Guac is extra.”

It’s a catch-all.  A nonsense phrase.  A bit of gibberish — sort of like “whatchamacallit” or “whoozit” or “thingamamob” or “widget” (people in business love to talk about “widgets” in abstraction and I hate it).

But it’s gibberish with sass — it’s the Nicki Minaj of balderdash.  GUAC IS EXTRA, PPL.

It therefore feels appropriately abstruse to tether this random thought of mine to the following category of fashion finds: 10 trendy pieces that will make you feel like a million bucks but cost less than $150.  (Well, almost all of them do.)


Pick No. 1: Striped blouse ($60).  Balloon sleeves; bold stripe.  Yas.

Pick No. 2: Veja sneakers ($140).

Pick No. 3: Heart-shaped plastic shades ($10!) << The quality on these is questionable, but…for a cheap thrill?!  Or splurge on the real deal with the YSLs I mentioned here.

Pick No. 4: Floral clutch from Clare Vivier ($115).

Pick No. 5: Eyelet blouse ($35).

The Fashion Magpie Striped Blouse

The Fashion Magpie Veja Sneakers 1 The Fashion Magpie Veja Sneakers 2


The Fashion Magpie Heart Sunnies The Fashion Magpie Heart Sunnies White


The Fashion Magpie Clare Vivier Clutch

The Fashion Magpie HM Blouse

Pick No. 6: OK, this is over our $150 budget, but how cool is that trompe l’oeil bow?!

Pick No. 7: Rebecca de Ravenel drop earrings (on sale for $147!)

Pick No. 8: Wash kit HANDPAINTED (!!) with initials ($95!)

Pick No. 9: A hair above our budget, but this Johanna Ortiz blouse marked way down to $159!

Pick No. 10: Scarf-detail white loafers (on sale for $129!) << dying over these.  If they’re too extra for ya, check out these more straight-forward ones from J. Crew, which still look SUPER fresh in white!

The Fashion Magpie Bow Blouse

The Fashion Magpie Bonbon Earrings


The Fashion Magpie Monogrammed Dopp Kitt The Fashion Magpie Johanna Ortiz Blouse

The Fashion Magpie White Loafers

P.S.  This well-priced dress was re-stocked in the blush color!!!

P.P.S.  I just ordered this.


  1. “it’s the Nicki Minaj of balderdash” <— YES! Hahaha

    I have been wanting a pair of Vejas but I hardly need them … I have so many sneakers! Le sigh.

    Loving that Clare V. floral clutch!

    1. I hear you on the sneaker front — it’s like me with straw basket bags. How many does a girl need? (But the heart wants what it wants.)

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