The Fashion Magpie Grace Kelly

Goodness Grace-ious.

My Dad is not normally the type to swoon over a movie star, but he always speaks of Grace Kelly with the utmost reverence and awe.  He wrote her a fan letter when he was a boy of eight or nine, and she (or her representatives) returned the affection with a generous thank you note and a fan photo.  He told me this one morning while making a left onto Connecticut Avenue from the street of our childhood home in N.W. D.C. and nearly plowed into a car that had stopped short after the turn.  I don’t know whether it was the sudden slamming-of-brakes, or my father’s misty tone, or the possibility that the thought of Grace Kelly had distracted him a little from the commute to our school, but I will always think of Grace Kelly as quite literally stopping traffic.

Now, I’m pretty sure every little lady has at some point wanted to channel Grace Kelly, but her fashion sensibilities are seriously en vogue right now: retro-style bathing suits; satin mules; cat-eye shades; polka dots; feminine prints?  Let’s stop traffic ourselves by emulating this timeless babe.

The Fashion Magpie Grace Kelly 2

The Fashion Magpie Grace Kelly 3

The Fashion Magpie Grace Kelly

My top picks for nailing that Grace look:

+Benoit Missolin hat (on sale for $262);

+Lisa Marie Fernandez linen dress ($595);

+Meli Melo box bag ($635);

+Gianvito Rossi slide (on sale for $323);

+Lisa Marie Fernandez polka dot dress ($595);

+Marysia one-piece ($345 — on sale in black eyelet here);

+Oscar de la Renta polka dot slides (on ridic sale for $231);

+Sophie Anderson circle bag ($171).

The Fashion Magpie Benoit Straw Hat

The Fashion Magpie Lisa Marie Fernandez Linen Dress

The Fashion Magpie Meli Melo Bag

The Fashion Magpie Gianvito Rossi Slides



The Fashion Magpie Lisa Marie Fernandez Polka Dot Dress


The Fashion Magpie Marysia Swimsuit


The Fashion Magpie Oscar de la Renta Slide

The Fashion Magpie Sophie Anderson Circle Bag

Slightly different colorway, but can’t omit these chic sunnies ($55) with this swimsuit (on sale for $175).

The Fashion Magpie Marysia Swim The Fashion Magpie Quay Sunglasses

Also get the look with:

+This DRAMATIC polka dot maxi ($188).

+This pink gingham headband (on sale for $15).

+This elegant blush-colored midi ($69).

+This chic polka dot dress ($205).

+This tie-front Mara dress ($325).

+This adorable gingham midi skirt ($95).

+In the pic above, where she’s wearing that green printed dress — HOW ABOUT THIS ROCHAS DRESS, ON RIDIC SALE?!?!


  1. LOVING these picks … the essence of chic!

    I was just on Connecticut Avenue, visiting Politics & Prose, one of my favorite bookstores in the world. So lovely up there!

    1. OMG! P&P is my all-time favorite! I hope it never goes out of business, despite my borderline obsessive (?!) devotion to Amazon Prime and, now, the library (you can rent Kindle books?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!). I’ve stopped by on many-a-trip to D.C. to pick up a few hardcovers. Incidentally, the nail place across the street isn’t half bad.

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