The Fashion Magpie Oversized Earrings 1

Go Big or Go Home: Le Statement Earring + Other Chic Picks.

Pick No. 1: Oversized Earrings

I have been very into the oversized earring look lately — in large part inspired by the chic pea above.  On the splurge side, I’m flipping out over these quatrefoil beauties by new-to-me Annie Costello Brown.  Absolutely stunning!  On the more realistic side, I love these oversized floral studs and these lily earrings in the white.

The Fashion Magpie Statement EARRINGS

Pick No. 2: The Glitzy Monochromatic Look

I’m going to a birthday dinner soon and if I could wear anything, I’d pair the earrings above with this peplum top, these glitzy pants from Ganni, and these Aquazzuras.


The Fashion Magpie Peplum Top The Fashion Magpie Ganni Sequin Pants

The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura Pom


The Fashion Magpie Aquazzura Pom 2

Pick No. 3: The Chic Snowboot

Now these are are a chic picks for your next apres-ski look…

The Fashion Magpie Snowboots 2

Pick No. 4: The Architectural Blouse

I love (l-o-v-e) the architectural elements of this blouse — the slightly blouse-y sleeve, the wide cuff, the origami-like folding a the shoulders.  I even like the way it’s styled below: with lighter-wash, loose-fit jeans and beachy hair.  A study in contrasts.  Bonus: under $30.

The Fashion Magpie Blouse 1 The Fashion Magpie Blouse 2 The Fashion Magpie Blouse 3

Pick No. 5: The Key Finder

Have trouble finding your keys?  Your remote?  The dog leash?  This little doo-dad promises to change all that — you affix it to your belonging and then track it down with your phone!  A cool gift for a techie brother-in-law…

The Fashion Magpie Tile Key Finder

Pick No. 6: The Boucle Dress

Need a quick pick-me-up for your workerbee wardrobe?  Check out this Chanel-esque boucle dress ($59!)  Goes hand in hand with this vintage Chanel brooch and their famous slingbacks.  (You can get the look for less with these.  But P.S.  I’m DYING over these.  Swooooon.)

The Fashion Magpie Chanel Brooch The Fashion Magpie Boucle Dress

The Fashion Magpie Chanel Slingbacks

Pick No. 7: The Soft Joggers

I’m daydreaming about wearing these ($49 and well-reviewed!) right now, paired with Monrow’s supersoft raglan top.

The Fashion Magpie Monrow Sweater

The Fashion Magpie Joggers

Pick No. 8: The Cashmere Sweater

This waffle-knit J. Crew cashmere sweater is making all my cold weather dreams come true.  Is there anything cozier?!  Love the slouchy fit but the fitted sleeve.

The Fashion Magpie Cashmere Crew 2 The Fashion Magpie Cashmere Crew

Pick No. 9: The Statement Bag

This is SUCH a cool shape for a statement bag this spring, and — while it’s not cheap, it’s also better-priced than I would have expected with such a fashion-forward shape and high-end finishes.  (The hardware!)

The Fashion Magpie Danse Lente Bag 1 The Fashion Magpie Danse Lente Bag 2 The Fashion Magpie Danse Lente Bag 3

Pick No. 10: The Designer Dog Bed

How ridiculously chic are these dog beds?!?!?!?

The Fashion Magpie Dog Bed Amy Berry 1 The Fashion Magpie Dog Bed Amy Berry 2

P.S.  This blouse, which was one of the most popular on the blog in the past few months, is now on sale!

P.P.S.  UGH this dress for a bride-to-be at a shower or rehearsal dinner?!?!?!  IT IS TOO GOOD.

P.P.P.S.  This dress is haunting my dreams.  Do I need it?!


  1. So much goodness here! I LOVE Annie Costello Brown’s earrings and have been drooling over them for a while now … so good.

    Those après-ski boots are EVERYTHING! So sad that they’re sold out in my size.

    Tile Mate = genius! Definitely bookmarking that for a future Amazon purchase.

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