The Fashion Magpie Gifts Fit for a Royal Baby

Gifts for a Royal Baby.

What a delightful treat to wake up to news of another royal baby.  (Honeymoon baby?! #Nosy.)  Why are we Americans so interested in the royal family though?  I think it’s partly the externalized social order there (American society is just as stratified but not as explicit about it with titles, lineage, etc?) and partly the fairy tale of it all.  A prince!  A wedding!  A baby!  Mon dieu.  (For fellow royalty admirers, consider the delicious novel The Royal We for a delightful way to pass a weekend, and be sure to follow the Instagram handle @garyjanetti for hilarious royal commentary.)  Anyway, below, I shared some thoughts on gifts fit for Harry and Meghan’s prince or princess…(click images to access details or see links below!)

+Burberry Quilted Jacket.

+Beatrix Potter stuffed animal.

+Classic t-strap shoes.

+Wooden blocks.

+Peter Rabbit baby china set.

+Petite Plume jammies.

+Peugeot ride-on car.

+Lunt piggy bank.

+La Coqueta dress.  I absolutely adore this line of Spanish baby clothing — heirloom quality.  Also adore their knit sets.  (A dress from Luli & Me or Amaia would also be a classic.)

+Hermes booties.  Ultra splurge.  Ralph Lauren’s Briley slippers are also a classic for far less.

+Tiffany comb.  An aunt gave this to mini and it is such a beautiful keepsake.

+Any of the Maileg mice toys are to die for.  My mother-in-law and I swoon over the catalogs and have gone in together preemptively on a few gift sets for future celebrations with mini.

+Little Giraffe chenille blanket.  We received so many blankets when mini was born, but this was our absolute favorite.  It’s still the one mini sleeps with every night.  (And it’s held up well in the wash!)

+Jacquard coat.

+Wicker doll pram.  I mean…!  Fairy godmother gift.

+Peep’s Paper Products baby book.  The most elegant baby book I ever did see.

+De Buci Baby sleepsack.  I wanted one of these badly for mini but never splurged!  What an elegant and extravagant gift.  I love their fabrics.

+Kissy Kissy jammies.  In my opinion, the unrivaled pajama for newborns.  The softest cotton, the sweetest patterns.

+D. Porthault baby pillow.

Not shown above, but equally gorgeous as a baby gift: a classic hardcover book, like The Velveteen Rabbit; a huge stuffed animal; a personalized LLBean tote.

P.S.  I also wrote about the royal children’s attire at Pippa’s wedding awhile ago (so darling) and, more recently, shared a roundup of my favorite sources for formal attire for mini.

P.P.S.  Gifts for friends.

P.P.P.S.  My complete baby registry.


  1. Wow, heart eyes for that baby book! This post reminds me that I recently scored a pair of Leon t-strap shoes for my girl for $8 secondhand. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but scooped them up since they were so sweet. Now I am realizing what a deal I got! Had to share with you bc no one in my real life fully appreciates this 😉

  2. I do love royal style watching, but I’m struggling with this pair. I know it probably wasn’t intentional, but the no-so-subtle pregnancy hints (binders, really?) and the announcement coming right after the another royal wedding (I KNOW, they’re all so happy for each other!), has me smh.

    Love these sweet gift ideas, though! And wanted to thank you for including suggestions for little boys with your mini posts – I have two sweet little nephews that they are perfect for. xo

    1. Hehe – I hear you. There has been a lot of whispering about the timing of the announcement…and the pregnancy in general! So juicy. xoxo

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