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With the dawn of 2019, I have found myself attracted to a more sophisticated look — a palette of black-white-beige or head-to-toe monochrome, high-fashion silhouettes, and a kind of androgynous vibe. Of course, I can’t actually wear any of these fairy fashion visions right now because I have my own five-month-pregnant silhouette to contend with, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream. I’m imagining myself in blazers, elegant blouses, trendy bucket bags, trousers –the wardrobe of a well-heeled 30-something woman in Manhattan. Why don’t I wear more interesting pants, for example? I’m stuck in a denim rut and need to dig my way out, taking cues from the ladies above and below.

Specifically, I’m envisioning:

+This pintuck blouse with these straight-leg jeans, these mules, and this bag (<< SO SO CHIC).

+This double-breasted blazer with these high-rise jeans and this scalloped blouse (LOVE), paired with this chic bag (seen above!)

+This cashmere crop sweater, these trousers, and this belted wool coat (LOVE — and on sale!)

+This tunic, whether worn with denim or on its own with Chanel-esque mules like these.

+A couple of other stand-alone pieces to blend in with any or all of these neutral looks: these snakeskin boots, this blouson sweater, this colorblocked long-line vest, these pants, and this bag. And, of course THIS BAG. (A girl can dream.)

+Good foundations for a new year: I am very intrigued by La Perla’s new “second skin” bra. I’m normally a Natori Feathers devotee (on super sale here and in select colors here, too), but something about the lines and simplicity of this style have me itching to take a test drive.

+This is the kind of sweatshirt I’d wear if I were one of the chic peas pictured above, heading to, like, Orange Theory or whatever the current fitness fad is. So kewl.

P.S. A new favorite poem (worth reading, even if you’re not a poetry person), the skincare regimen that changed my skin, and one of my favorite memories of all time.

P.P.S. I have a lot of new readers and wanted to say hi! welcome! so glad you are here! This is a medley of some of my most popular posts of all time, in case you’re in search of a distraction from post-holiday hangover at work. HA!

P.P.P.S. Just re-ordered this micellar water (I also like Garnier’s less-expensive drugstore version) and these toothbrushes (<<truly the best; I learned recently you are supposed to use soft bristles to avoid scratching the enamel off your teeth, and these are super well-designed thanks to like 10x the normal number of bristles and an octagonal handle that helps you get all the right angles).


  1. I, too, have been in a denim rut lately and just ordered a bunch of new trousers from Everlane and Nili Lotan to offset my denim collection & give me new options. Really loving these looks — particularly the white/cream Ganni one with the black velvet accessories. Aces! xo

    1. Thank you! And Nili Lotan — I need to look at this label more closely! I hear such good things…xo

  2. Love this post and especially the musing “Why don’t I wear more interesting pants, for example?” Totally channeling my inner monologue! On a related note, I’m planning an mlk weekend girls trip to nyc and just found out 2 of our crew of 5 are preggo! Any ideas for fun nyc activities that don’t involve drinking?!
    Happy new year!!

    1. Haha! Absolutely. Here are a few things on my radar: the Warhol exhibit at the Whitney is supposed to be excellent; shopping/window-shopping down in Soho followed by lunch at Jack’s Wife Freda or Balthazar; tea at the Palm Court at The Plaza or The Carlisle Hotel; facials at Rescue Spa (never been but it’s at the tippy top of my list); a night at the opera (I think opera season is still going at Lincoln Center…). You could also try to see if there are still tickets for the Magic Show at the Nomad hotel — I took Mr. Magpie for his birthday last year and it was so, so fun. Manis/pedis are always a favorite pastime on girls’ trips, too…


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